Willpower with Wintergerst [Episode 1]


Willpower with Wintergerst [Episode 1]

In this episode I explain why I think willpower sets you up for failure. I then teach the three weapons needed to stick to your healthy lifestyle when times get rough. Enjoy…

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it please comment below and let me know.  Post topics you would like to hear more about or things you are struggling with in your health and fitness journey.

If you know someone who is struggling with willpower and constantly stopping and starting on their fitness goals please share this with them .  If it helped you it will help them.  Thanks for watching!  -Paul

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4 thoughts on “Willpower with Wintergerst [Episode 1]”

  1. Jelani Sooknanan

    Good morning Paul.
    I watched the video and I really liked it. It have a lot of insight and based on experience myself using those practices, it really does work. The timing of you making this couldn’t be any better because it is a struggle that I go through all the time but I will apply that practice now. Thank you

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