When to Know It’s Time to Take a Cardio Break

When to Know It’s Time to Take a Cardio Break

Cardio is great for your body. It helps promote weight loss. It also helps strengthen your heart. However, it is possible for you to overdo a good thing. There are a number of signs that indicate it is time for you to take a cardio break.

Joint Pain

It is normal to have joint pain after intense exercise. However, if you find that you experience joint pain frequently, then you may need to give yourself a break from the cardio. Your joints and muscles will become inflamed if you overdo the cardio.


Doctors often recommend that patients exercise if they have trouble sleeping at night. Moderate exercise can help prevent insomnia. However, if you are doing too much cardio, then you may start to develop sleeping problems. Too much cardio can increase cortisol levels in your body. If your cortisol levels are too high, then it will be harder for you to sleep.

You are Addicted to It

It is normal to look forward to your cardio sessions once you get started with it. However, if you are obsessing over your workouts, then it is time for you to take a break. You do not want to get to the point where cardio takes over your life.

You are Not Losing Fat

Fat loss is one of the benefits of doing cardio. However, if you overdo a good thing, then you might actually stop losing fat. You may also find that you start to lose muscle. If you lose muscle, then your metabolism will slow down.

You are Bored With It

Your cardio workouts should be something that you look forward to. If you find that you are getting bored with them, then it is time to take a break. You can try another type of exercise.

You Cannot Lose Your Belly

If you cannot lose your belly, then you are probably doing too much cardio. You will likely need to add strength training to your regimen in order to get rid of the belly fat. The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat that you will burn.

You are Always Tired

Cardio workouts are great for helping you boost your energy. However, if you find that you are having trouble staying awake during the day, then you are probably overdoing it. Cardio puts stress on your body. That is why you will likely have fatigue if you do too much of it.

You are Losing Too Much Weight

Even though weight loss may be the goal of cardio, you do not want to lose too much weight. You also want to make sure that you keep your weight in a healthy range. It is a good idea to take a break if you are losing too much weight.

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