Weight Lifting For Beginners

Getting started with weight lifting can be one of the best ways to improve your health and enjoy a fresh breath of confidence. Those entirely new to weight lifting should be sure to exercise care when it comes to choosing a routine and planning for their needs. Understanding the basic principles behind weight lifting can be one of the best ways to grow towards a fit lifestyle. Though many can enjoy a healthy pursuit of their exercise goals with a few key pieces of equipment at home, joining a gym can be especially beneficial for those new to weight lifting. The gym can provide individuals with more equipment for a more diverse workout, and trainers can help guide the learning process.

Resistance Planning

The first step in entering weight lifting is to think about what type of resistance training you want to do. You can choose to go without any resistance equipment, which relies on your body-weight to create the resistance. Resistance bands can be viable as an entry-level option, as they are versatile and able to provide individuals with a number of starting exercises to try. Dumbbells are available as well. Much like resistance bands, dumbbells can be a good choice for those who want variety without having to invest in too much equipment.

Choosing the Exercises












Everybody has different needs and goals, and identifying them early can be one of the best ways to optimize your results. Each section of your body has a number of specific exercises dedicated to it. Choose the right exercise according to your equipment and ease of access, and be sure to dedicate a daily session to the muscle groups of your choosing. This allows you to vary up your training and provide your body with specific rest days to avoid larger degrees of fatigue and strain. Try to work as many muscle groups as you are comfortable to build muscle.

Deciding Reps and Sets








Once all the equipment is prepared and you’re ready to begin, plan for your reps and sets. Sets are made up of reps, which is short for repetition. These are the movements you will be counting to build your muscles, and different combinations can help individuals achieve different goals. For general fat loss, plan one to three sets of between 10 and 12 reps that use enough weight resistance to complete the reps. For muscle building, three or more sets of between 6 and 8 reps, using enough weight to reach exhaustion. Be sure to rest between sets, planning between one to four minute breaks. Choose a smaller resting time for more reps with less weight and a longer resting time for fewer reps with more weight.

When possible, be sure to stretch and warm-up before the workout. Stretch after the workout as well, and plan your exercise sessions for parts of the day when you know that you can perform them as desired. With a little planning and personal care, it can be easy for anybody to jump right into the weight lifting routine right for them.

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