Walk with Wintergerst (Episode 6) When to Sprint & When to Jog

fast weight loss vs. smart weight loss

There are times in life when you walk, when you jog and when you sprint.

I’ve noticed from the 1,000+ fitness consultations that I have done over the past 5 years some common trends.

Theme 1.  People who are not in shape want to get in shape as fast as possible.  (Sprint) Then then burn out and stop completely.

Theme 2.  People in great shape never really stress getting a result right NOW.  They already are confident with the way they look and are totally ok with steady improvements.

In today’s Walk I am going to explain to you when to sprint and when to jog.  I’ll explain why both are important to make your fitness regimen a hell of a lot less stressful over the next 12 months.

It is an interesting experiment, I suggest you try out and see if it sticks with you.

It will certainly make your life easier.



If you want to see what a sprint actually looks like go ahead and follow along my 28 day VLOG where I snap short clips of my day during a PhatBurn 28 day challenge.

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  • Jolin

    I love this episode. Very true fact. Thanks Paul.
    Totally irrelevant, but same as 2;20 or 5 minutes rower. “It is not a race, no need to sprint at the beginning . Pace yourself, smoothly giving energy and make it consistent through out the row,.” haha

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