The Weekends Are Making You Fat!

The Weekends Are Making You Fat!

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I recently sat down to lunch with Don. Don has done PhatBurn in the past and has had fantastic results eating the food coupled with the studio workouts. He has a goal to get down to 220 from about 255 before his birthday this August. Because of his busy workload he wanted to prove he could do it just by eating our food and doing workouts at a gym close to his house when he could find the time knowing he couldn’t commit to five days a week at the studio.

What Don did that is awesome is a great job tracking. He purchased a blue tooth scale called Weight Guru that charted his weight each morning in addition to coming to the studio every 2 or 3 weeks for body comps and photos.

Below is a photo of the printout he shared with me.

The boxes blocked off are the 3 weekend days Friday through Saturday where Don would “eat out” and go off the meal plan. You can clearly see that over these 5 weeks each weekend he either gained or stayed the same while decreasing every set of “week” days.

Overall however he still has great results for one month losing 16 lbs and 2.7 % body fat.

The takeaways are these:

1. If you expect great results quickly the week-ends play a big role and you must be on the plan 7 days a week. Otherwise you risk giving all your weekday gains back on the weekend and sitting in maintenance mode.

2. Tracking is important. We track you every 2 weeks at PhatBurn. If you stop your bi-weekly comps because you “think” you have been bad then we will never figure out what is going on. Tracking is such an important resource. USE IT!!

3. It’s not all about weight which we stress here all the time. Eventhough I’m focusing on Don’s chart he was still coming in for regular comps to make sure fat was decreasing and his lean body mass was in check (LBM).

The bottom line is the weekend makes up almost 30% of your week. Even more if you include Friday night. Realization is the key to start on the road to new habits.

Start realizing what the weekends may be doing or not doing to further you on your fitness journey and your goal result!

P.S. Don is still rocking and as of this post he is at 225 and within 5 lbs of his goal!!

If anyone is interested in how the PhatBurn meal plan can help you email [email protected]

P.S.S I know you women are saying that men lose faster than you so check out what Wendy has to say.

Wendy has been with us for about a month. She eats the PhatBurn meals 6 days per week and works out 5 days at the studio. She has already lost 5 lbs of Fat and 2.4% body fat. That’s from someone coming in at 121 pounds and not much to lose to begin with. That’s 5 lbs of FAT not weight. That’s a 17,500 calorie deficit in the right direction for 4 weeks!

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