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Tasty and nutritious food prepared specifically for you using only the finest ingredients, made fresh weekly…backed by our iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

Everyone wants to eat healthily.

But it’s not always easy. You’re busy. There’s not always time to prepare something for yourself and because of that you’re sometimes forced to settle for a less-than-nutritious yet convenient alternative (such as picking up something through a drive thru or relying on too much processed food, for instance.)

That’s why we now have chef Michael A. Connolly Jr. in-house at PhatBurn 1Apreparing nutritious meals for you. Michael is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Previously he was the Sous Chef at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and the Executive Chef At Southern Highlands Golf Club in Las Vegas. He’s cooked for such celebrities as President Bill Clinton, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Reggie Jackson, Rollie Fingers, Roger Clemens, Bill Russell, Mike Piazza and Sugar Ray Leonard

Michael takes a “never stop learning” approach to his career as a chef. He has recently attended continuing education programs at the Green Briar in West Virginia, and Penn State University.

Each week Michael puts together breakfast, lunch, and dinner exclusively for PhatBurn clients. His focus is on finding that perfect match of great taste and nutrition in every dish he creates.

Here’s why our food service just might be the perfect fit for you, our food…

Is healthy and balanced

Your meals are prepared as per our Nutrition Expert’s specifications so you can be assured that you’ll receive food with a healthy macronutrient balance. Based on our experience, clients who invest in our food on an ongoing basis lose weight faster.

Is real food

We have nothing against shakes, powders or bars, but the food the Michael will be preparing for you is the best food of all, real Only the best, natural ingredients are used

Saves you time

You’ll have more time for doing the things you love and less time cutting, cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

Is beyond compare

Have you tried other meal delivery companies? We have. And we guarantee that you’ll find our food more nutritious and delicious than any of our competitor’s offerings.

Tastes great

At PhatBurn, we use only the healthiest top-notch ingredients. Their attention to detail and their passion for their craft will be evident with every mouth-watering bite.

Is never frozen

Every food item you receive from us is never frozen, always fresh which means it retains 100% of its flavor with each delicious bite.
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