The 60 days is over and I have a lot to report. This round opened my eyes to many things that I hadn’t realized when I went through my first 2 PhatBurn 60 day cycles. Below is my report… First and foremost my results.

 First and foremost my results.

My goal was to get to 7% body fat and that damn number still eludes me but I did almost get there with a final reading of 8.2%. I’m sure if I keep going I can break 8 in the next week or two. Losing 2.7% body fat may not seem like a lot but it is about 30% of the fat I had in my body. To put things in perspective that’s the equivalent of someone with 30% body fat getting to 20%. The lower you go the smaller the increments will change.

Ok, ok now before you start giving me sh!t and saying they look exactly the same here is the deal. First I didn’t take the best quality before and afters as you can see by me standing in my bathroom mirror. BUT, I did lose 1.5 inches on my waist, and I had a big change in vascularity and definition in my arms and abs. Since my focus was on decreasing body fat % I did very little weight lifting and that is what usually shows the biggest difference in the way your body looks. Furthermore there were significant changes in my legs and butt as well but I am not about to start posting ass photo before and afters ;). So for the purpose of this 60 day cycle I am stamping it a success!

 Now onto even more important topics. Here are the top 10 things I learned from these past 2 months and can pass on to you…

  1. 1. It aint easy…Maybe my first two rounds I was extremely focused and disciplined because I had people close to me doing it with me. This time going it solo was really tough and I did cheat way more than I should have. Turning down drinks, dinners and having people think your a weirdo during nights out on the town is part of the game when you really wanna do this thing for real.
  2. Below is a pic of me eating a power apple on the sidewalk of NYC before going into a restaurant so I wouldn’t be tempted. AGAIN, not easy…
  3. Your willpower will be tested. Everyone says fitness is a lifestyle and it is. BUT, at PhatBurn you can get accelerated results to kick start that life in 60 days. However, you will have to turn on a mental switch. The body does a great job of maintaining its current equilibrium. That’s why so many people work out and get no results. If you want results you have to workout and make sure your diet compliments that work out. So for those of you who think you eat right and get small or no results just realize this one thing. If you want drastic results in a short amount of time you can’t just eat right, you have to eat perfect. Once you hit your goal then ease off and go into maintenance mode. Until then you need discipline and you need willpower. Plain and simple.
  4. What gets measured gets managed. Going into this I categorized myself as a weekend drinker. If asked I would have answered I drank Friday or Saturday night and that’s it. After tracking my drinking on a calendar I realized that the weekend also meant Sunday Funday and then those occasional glasses of wine at dinner on Tuesday night that I would conveniently forget about. At the end of of 3 weeks I realized holy $%^$#@ I drink 4 out of the 7 days in a typical week and that obviously needs to change. So whether it be food, alcohol, smoking or whatever your vice is…start tracking how much you actually do it. It will open your eyes. Then you can take steps to change it.
  5. I am never doing PhatBurn again in Sept/Oct when the whole world turns pumpkin. Pumpkin beer, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pie, pumpkin friggen everything was torture for me to give up…
  6. To turn something into a habit you need to be rewarded for good behavior. Getting results is a great reward, but, they don’t come right away. It is a delayed gratification. In PhatBurn we are going to teach you the things to have you ready when you hit your temptations. Example: I get hungry at night for snacks, and not good snacks. Instead of eating ice cream, cookies etc..I have a cup of green tea. In the beginning it sucks. After a few days or a week however when that reward of improving results start to show you get excited and look forward to that green tea instead of the cookie because you know you are doing it for a reason and that reward is being manifested right in front of your eyes. You will figure out many tips of the trade along the way if you are honest with yourself and with us about what your problem triggers are.
  7. Tip # 2. Do you eat too much? So do I. Next time you are ravenous, take a 20 minute break. Your body takes a certain amount of time to realize it is full. In 20 minutes you wont feel like you did while you were scarfing everything down. It will be easier to hold off on those 2nd and 3rd servings. There are more tips where that came from…Email me your issue and ill hook you up with my stunning knowledge on how to overcome it lol.
  8. If you’re a Jets fan its easier to lose body fat and gain muscle. Weird fact but it is true. Look it up on WebMD.
  9. You need help from people who know more than you. Even when you think you have a grasp on it all, you realize you don’t. We have a great new nutrition coach named Stacey. During these 60 days I constantly reached out to her for help and advice and she gave me that extra edge I needed to get past my plateaus. You rock Stace…you too Irena
  10. Cold turkey might not be for you. I appreciate more now how people struggle throughout these diet and fitness programs. Up until now my attitude was you like ice cream, I don’t care, don’t eat it. Now I really do understand this is an emotional issue for so many and there are different ways to attack your issues other than just completely going cold turkey.
  11. Your will power will be tested. Ohh did I say that already. Well did I mention the last 2 weekends of the program I actually had to stay home on Friday ad Saturday night not to be tempted to cheat or drink. Yeah you will be tested. But if you want the results then suck it up and do what you need to do. Ask Brad Pintergerst how he got those abs in the pic below and I guarantee you he hadn’t had a beer or a donut in over 90 days. Decide what you want more and remember maintaining the results once you get em is a lot easier than getting there. But if you want to take the journey then PhatBurn can get you to your goal.

Peace be with you…Dunkin Pumpkin Pie Donut here I freakin come… -Paul

P.S. My man Don always bringing the right attitude. He did it his thing also.

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