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Phatburn offers the very best nutritional counseling and accountability coaching that leads to achievable levels of success. At Phatburn, you are not another number or counted body. Our coaches are not just personal trainers. They create personal and individualized plans for each and every member because we know that these is no cookie cutter solution for every person’s path to improved health and wellness. Once we get to know you, that’s when the phun starts!

We offer

Individualized group workout prescriptions

Personalized nutritional plans based on your goals and needs

Monthly body composition printouts that measure the progress your body is making (weight loss is not the only measurement for success!)

Our coaches will connect with you on a deeper level and make sure you show up for your classes and keep to your nutritional plan

Our supportive community becomes your extended family, and part of your accountability system

Whether it’s safely losing weight or building and toning muscle, our tracking, measuring and accountability keeps you motivated and helps you manage all the tiny little steps of progress that you will make on your way to achieving your goals.

Our team of expert and certified coaches live for making our members better and healthier.

Are you ready to start making some great changes to your fitness level and your life?

The PhatBurn program is unlike anything else, experience the difference by trying a FREE workout.