The Best Exercise For Flabby Arms

skull crushers

The Best Exercise For Flabby Arms

Best exercise flabby arms.

The skull crusher is my favorite exercise to attack that back part of the arm. That part which accumulates the arm flab.  The part that wiggles and jiggles when you wave hello.

This exercise if done twice per week will provide nice reduction in your arms overall fat while tightening and toning the upper back part of your arm.

I suggest doing 3 sets of 10-12 reps in addition to other tricep exercises like dips, tricep arm extensions and close grip pushups for a great all around tricep workout.


Try this move with lighter weight to warm up and get used to what grip you like.  I prefer to interlock some of my fingers and keep me 5th and 4th finger pressing firm against the actual head of the weight.  I find this more comfortable than holding the actual handle.

Whether you are new to working out or an expert, strength training should be a staple in your fitness regimen.  Weight lifting not only helps you grow your muscle and get stronger but also allows you to sustain your lean body mass.  This is important as you age.  The lower your muscle mass the less calories your body burns each day at rest.  Skull crushers and weight training will help you lose weight, lose fat and help keep your arms defined and cut.

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Give it a try.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!