A big problem, actually a major problem in the fitness world is drinking.

Since PhatBurn at its core is a program to achieve optimal results efficiently, people expect the best. Achieving those results however does come with a price and the crux for a lot of people is alcohol.


Don’t start phreaking out. If you want to drink that’s fine just realize your 6 pack abs aren’t coming to you in 10 days as you seem to think.  It’s going to take a little longer.

As long as you understand that, then read on.  Below describes the art of the semi drinking night as opposed to the cold turkey discipline route of a saint*.


To go out and tell your friends you aren’t drinking will usually get you responses such as “What the hell is wrong with you?” or “Seriously what do you want to drink?”

If you go to the bar and order water you will get weird looks and then the badgering begins.

To those who don’t care, awesome.

No need to read on.

You are comfortable in your own skin and ridicule doesn’t bother you.

Actually, telling people you are on a fitness regimen seems to back them off rather well. Most people respect that and actually start asking about what fitness routine you are doing and the conversation turns in a positive direction.


To everyone else…

Here is my personal game plan.

Getting passed that first drink order is everything.

This is where you don’t want to ANNOUNCE to the world that you aren’t drinking.

Go to the bar and order a drink, yes you heard me right, a real drink.

A beer, mixed drink or shot.

Along with the drink order yourself a club soda or water.  This will disengage everyone around you as the first drink is the most scrutinized.  From here it is usually clear sailing.

You can usually go the rest of the night ordering club sodas in stealth mode.  It’s also takes double the time in between drink orders when you have two to drink not just one.

After, if you are met with aggression by alpha males imposing their will or female vixens flaunting their spirits in your face you will be able to have drink # 2 while still always ordering your club soda alongside it.

This will get people in the habit of realizing that you just order club sodas along with your drinks making it all the more normal.  If questioned, simply respond “I like drinking water in between my drinks so I don’t feel like sh*t in the morning.”

If you are out all night and pressed again then the 3rd drink, shot, whatever is the absolute last.

Anything over that constitutes a night of drinking or at least according to me it does. After number three you are going to have to take the hard stance that you are just done for the night and deal with whatever moaning comes along with it from the hard core boozers.


So, there you have it, the Gospel according to Saint Paul.

This should give new meaning to the Vodka AND… Club soda.

Hopefully it helps, because at drink #4 it’s on and I know all too well what happens next.




*DISCLAIMER Those saints I was referring to above are Phil Treglia & Andrew Wintergerst.  They are the only 2 people I know of who have successfully completed their goal at PhatBurn without touching a drop of alcohol.  If there are more of you out there reveal yourself in the comments below so PhatBurn may properly canonize you ?

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