How does a 42 year old able to be 195lbs and walk around at 7% body fat without being a food Nazi?

Is it simply genetics? Is it a special type of diet? What about frequency of workouts? What’s the answer?

I’ll let Stamford’s Studio Leader and Coach, Chris J. tell you.

“Intensity of workouts over a loooooooooong period of time. You can morph your body into it’s potential with consistency. I have been utilizing explosive athletic movements my whole life, so why stop just because I’m in my forties?”

Here is one of Chris’ track workouts that he incorporates into his programming in the warmer months of the year.


After you have completed a thorough dynamic stretch do the following.

  1. PART 1 – PRIMING THE PIPES:  You will be running a total of 4 laps around the track in this portion separated by a 2 minute rest between laps. In each lap, you will have an “on” phase and an “off” phase. The “on” phase indicates when you should be running and the “off”  phase indicates when you should be jogging. The “on” phase will be for 10 secs and the “off phase” for 20 secs. You will do this “on” and “off” interval for the entirety of 1 complete lap followed by a 2 minute rest period before you go on to the next lap. Remember, you will do 4 total laps (1 mile).
  2. PART 2 – MIRROR RUNS: In this part of the workout your rest period will be for the same EXACT amount of time it took you to do the “work” portion of the workout. Again, you will be using the track. You will be running a total of 5 laps this time and each lap you will be trying to complete it as fast as you possibly can. Once you compete each lap, look at your timer. Your rest period will be for the SAME EXACT amount of time it took you to get around the track. Each lap may be different times so be cognizant of how long it took you each lap so that you know the length of time you should rest. See example below.

*Mirror Run Example: If Lap 1 took you 1:45 to complete, you will now rest for 1:45. As soon as you rested for 1:45, you                  will immediately begin Lap 2 . If it took you 2:05 to complete Lap 2, you will now rest for 2:05. Get it? Good. Now get                    going! You will do this style of 1:1 work:rest ratio for a total of 5 rounds.

If this sounds brutal, don’t worry, it is. But in the word’s of a a famous wise blonde “You want a hot body, you gotta work b####!”



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