Results are made on Sunday’s – Day 14

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This Sunday I was at my cousin’s house for a Euro Cup party.


I am half Portuguese so winning the Euro Cup is a huge deal for my pham!!!
Anyway, it’s times like these where you can completely fall off plan.
I didn’t do too much snapping because I was occupied with the game and my little niece and nephews but I did do a few things to ensure success.
1. I ate one PhatBurn meal right before leaving for the party so I wouldn’t be hungry when I got there and snack on all the goodies.


2. When I got home I still had my meal 5 even though I wasn’t hungry so that I wouldn’t deviate from the plan.
Overall a success and that’s how results motivate.  Hitting my lowest BF % so far the day before had me motivated and wanting to see more!
Results = Motivation


video length (:40)

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