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Remember when you were a kid and you would get a shaved ice from the man on the cart or at a pizzeria in the heat of summer? Those were some good times! Your tongue would turn whatever color of the flavor you chose and you gladly took on brain freeze and while enjoying the glee of sugar spikes.

Ahh, to be young. Well, here is the adult version. Less phun, but better for ya! No worries, add enough ice, and you can still jolt your brain.




Old  fashioned  oats  

Flax  seeds

Almond  milk

Protein  powder



1  tsp  honey



1.Thoroughly  wash  raspberries  and  spinach,  and  put  in  blender

2.Add oats, flax  seeds,  almond  milk,  and  protein  powder  to  blender  and  blend  until  smooth.



Level  2 –  1/3  cup  raw  oats,  2  Tbsp  flax  seeds,  8  oz  almond  milk,  14  g  protein  powder,  1/2  cup  raspberries,  handful  spinach.

Level  3  – ½  cup  raw  oats,  3  Tbsp  flax  seeds,  10  oz  almond  milk,  21g  protein  powder,  5/8  cup  raspberries,  handful  spinach

Level  4  – 2/3  cup  raw  oats,  ¼  cup  flax  seeds,  10  oz  almond  milk,  28  g  protein  powder,  3/4  cup  raspberries,  handful  spinach

Level  5  – ¾  cup  raw  oats,  ¼  cup  flax  seeds,  12  oz  almond  milk,  35 g  protein  powder,  1  cup  raspberries,  handful  spinach

Level  6  – 1  cup  raw  oats,  ¼  cup  flax  seeds,  14  oz  almond  milk,  42  g  protein  powder,  1  ¼  cup  raspberries,  handful  spinach


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