PODCAST: EPISODE 10 Making sense of Alcohol, Menopause & intermittent Fasting with Dr. Kurt & Georgie Waples

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Hey guys! Kicking off the month with another Phatburn episode of “Real Results, With Realer

People” Podcast with your host Paul Wintergerst and our special guests: Dr. Kurt Waples Founder of

Bluestone Health Group, his wife Georgie and our amazing studio leader Chris Jackson. Tune in

To tone up! And remember, STAY PHOCUSED!


PB Podcast Show Notes Episode 10


Dr. Kurt and Georgina Waples – Founders of Bluestone Health Group

Alcohol 3:45

– How alcohol affects the sexes differently.

– What is Candida and some of the symptoms? Min 7:00

– Why the perfect PB member is not getting the results they want. Min 14:35



– When is the right time to see Dr. Kurt at Bluestone? Min 16:00

– Nutrient intake vs toxic load. Min 17:00

– Men and estrogen dominance. Min 19:00


Truth Bombs about Intermittent Fasting min 20:54

– Why Men have better success with fasting?

– Reasons why someone would try IF.

– How and why to speed up your metabolism. Min 26:50


Menopause min 29:51

– What is happening during menopause?

– The amount of stress is affecting your weight. Min 32:26

– The need to detox estrogen during menopause. Min 34:43

– You cannot plan for menopause after it has already started. Min 37:58

– OxTox and vitamins. Min 41:00

“Every single person is different, and we need to access people for their differences and make

custom health plans.”


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