The Pause Button is Ruining Your LIFE-style

The Pause Button is Ruining Your LIFE-style

I love nutrition and fitness articles. I am a junkie for fitness mags, blogs, and cool nutrition facts. John Berardi writes some of my favorite stuff. I agree with his last blog post so much that I am going to summarize the key takeaways in this post.
You can find a link to the full article at the bottom of this post.

Before I begin, let me clarify something.

Everything we do at PhatBurn is to push our members to get results. Even down to the way we have our programs structured. Most gyms let you freeze your membership indefinitely.
We don’t.

First, we are not a gym.

Say you join PhatBurn for 6 months because you told us you want to lose 50 lbs. We may prescribe a certain amount of times to work out per week coupled with a nutrition plan and then give you access to our chef if you are really busy and have no time for meal prep.

Can you lose 50lbs in 6 months? YES
If you follow the plan.

We do allow for some pausing in our memberships because we know life happens. You get sick, you go on vacation, and everyone deserves a break from their routine.
However, we know that the reason for you joining was to lose 50 lbs.

If you pause greater than 6 weeks within that 6-month time frame, then that chance of you achieving that weight loss within that 6 month period gets slimmer with every paused day.
For that reason, we meet with you first to set you up for success and then suggest a program that encourages you to get your BUTT in the studio rather than copping out with the old gym freeze that leads into giving up on your goal. That’s just a nicer way of saying ‘giving up on your dream.’


I love Dr. Berardi’s article. He calls it the pause button mentality. His programs don’t even offer a pause option.

The pause mentality goes like this: I’ll get back into it when things slow down, after the kids get older, after this nagging injury, once I get back from vacation, I’ll start Monday.

You get it.

I will quote him here, “If I miss some workouts, eat the wrong things, skip the homework…I fail. Aren’t I more likely to succeed if I take a break just until I have the time to do it right?”

He goes on to state that this is a sure way to sabotage yourself.

Everyone loves that start fresh feeling.

“If only you’d let me start over, I’d really nail it this time.”

This thinking allows you to fail, stop your regimen and eat whatever you want. You get to stop working out because you know in your mind that you have a date when you are going to start again and REALLY do it right this time.


When is the last time in your life you can honestly remember having a 90 day period where there wasn’t a holiday, an emergency or you didn’t get sick, injured or (insert life emergency here)?

All you are doing is building the skill of pausing.

You are neglecting the LIFESTYLE that everyone is after. That lifestyle only designated for the super-fit where things are effortless and healthy choices are just everywhere you turn.(yeah right)

Those short periods of your life where you were perfect for 4 weeks prove that you can do it.

Once you do, you feel like you can do it again, and that is true.

What it isn’t doing is proving that you can STAY fit. Can you say yo-yo dieting?

It’s not about willpower for 4 weeks. It’s about building the skills to get fit under real life scenarios.

That is a healthy lifestyle.

The next time you want to pause, do this first:
Think to yourself:
What will be different when I get back?
Have I done this before just to get back at it for 3 weeks only to give up and fall off and pause again?

The time you feel like pausing is the time to go after your dream body (mind blown!).

NOW is the time to get help and figure out how to stay in the game. Now is the time keeping you from your healthy LIFE.

If you can do it in the midst of life, being busy and having emergencies then when things do slow down it will be easy. Not time to start AGAIN. Are you starting to get it?

Fit people don’t pause. They are always working out or eating somewhat healthy ALL the time. That’s not to say they have times when they aren’t super dialed in, BUT you rarely see a fit person say I am totally just chilling right now and I’ll go back on (insert date).
The only time this happens is if it is planned for a reason. That person is on vacation or has a normal routine where taking a break for x amount of time is planned.

Take myself. For me saying I am not working out means I actually still worked out 2 times that week.
I can actually hear myself saying it. “No I am not even training right now I only worked out like two times last week.”

To me working out twice feels like nothing. It’s all perspective. Someone who doesn’t work out at all thinks working out 2 times per week is going all in.

Think about it in terms of work since most people work 5 days per week. Working only 2 days per week would literally feel like a vacation. But to a college kid who has been a full-time student his whole life, working in a new job 2 times per week feels like a new commitment.

You work 5 days per week and that is your lifestyle. You couldn’t imagine it any other way. It’s normal.

A person with 10% body fat that has been training her whole life feels like only hitting the gym 2 times in a week is a joke. 5 is the norm. She is used to it. It’s just her life. She doesn’t feel normal without it. And trust me she has the same holidays, emergencies and gets sick just like you do. Her kids to do. :0

Is that what you want? Or is a healthy lifestyle just something you think you want because it has been eluding you your whole life?

Thinks of how many other things in your life you would LIKE to pause but you don’t because they are priorities. You care so much. That is why they are part of your lifestyle.
Your kids
Your job
Your spending habits
Your coffee

You didn’t just wake up one day and decide to drink 2 cups of coffee. This was a slowly acquired habit that when done consistently over time becomes part of your life because you like it. You didn’t decide to make coffee part of your lifestyle.

To quote Dr. Berardi again, “There is never going to be a moment when things are magically easier. You can’t escape work, personal, and family demands. Nor can you escape the need for health and fitness in your life.”


You can’t press pause on your job without getting fired.
You can’t press pause on you children without getting divorced.
So why do you expect it to be any different with fitness?


Berardi goes on to say instead of pressing pause just adjust the dial.

This aligns with something I like to call #Progress Forward.
If you are a PhatBurn member, you have heard me say it. If not here is what it means.

It means you can tone down what you are doing to accommodate for whatever you are dealing with in life but just enough so that you don’t slide backwards.

Staying the same. That’s fine. That’s maintenance.
When you pick back up even if it is in 3 months, you are picking up from the same spot.

Figure out what you have to do to keep those gains. To stay in your current state.

You don’t want to give it all back.

You don’t want to start in 3 months and have to lose the 20 lbs you already lost, AGAIN. Can I say Yo-Yo one more time.
You want to start from where you are now.

Totally dialed in may mean working out 5 times per week. Eating 4 perfect meals per day. Getting regular tracking sessions performed by a coach.

Maintenance for you may just mean consciously eating healthy with no plan and working out for 30 minutes 3 times per week. Maybe even less.
Whatever adjustment keeps you active.
Keeps you moving.

As I write this my life consists of:
– Running a business with nearly 200 members and a dope team of 15 people
– I literally just had back surgery 6 days ago
– Planning a wedding
– Working 7 days a week
– Having our first child
– Unexpected bills, my grandmother getting sick, I can go on and on

So right now I am not allowed per my Doctors orders to do any activity for 6 weeks.

So what am I doing?

I participated in the PhatBurn Food Hack Challenge. Just because I am laid up and can’t be active doesn’t mean I have to eat like sh!t until I can start working out again…
And I am totally cool with that. I have no guilt. I’m in the game, not wallowing in pity about my back.
I am already envisioning where I can use a swimming pool to start up my fitness again before returning to Phatburn workouts.

The important lesson is the difference between turning my dial from 10 to a 3, 2 or even a 1. Just not a phreakin ZERO.

And to close in the words of Dr. Berardi “when you realize how doable and effective channels 3 and 2 and 1 can be, you see that there’s never a god reason to hit pause.”

If you liked this article please shre it with someone who can benefit from reading it as well. And if you have any questions post them in the comments below. I’d love to answer them 🙂

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