Oh Snap…a 28 day weight loss diary

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Oh Snap…a 28 day weight loss diary

I need your comments below, read on to see why…

I recently just completed a PhatBurn Takedown Challenge.   Three times per year we host these weight loss challenges which last for 4 weeks and I always like participating in them and experimenting with my body.  If there is a name for that hobby I’d love for someone to coin it because I enjoy it.

In 4 weeks I lost 11 lbs and went from 13.5% to 11.6% body fat.  Here are my starting and ending body composition readings which we perform here at PhatBurn.

The best part is I documented the entire 28 days on Snapchat.  I took a pic of  EVERYTHING I ate, all my workouts and most importantly the struggles.  The amount temptations are insane and are where most mess up. (me included)

So here is the deal.

We are starting another program called the Takedown Lifestyle on Monday June 27th.

If you guys are interested I will document all 28 days again on Snapchat but this time I will post each 1-2 minute video to this blog for 28 days in a row.  This way you guys NOT on Snap will see what it takes to get the type of results up above and what I need to eat and do for 28 days.

And believe me, if you think this is just me being perfect and with nazi like discipline you are in for a surprise.

Below is a sample clip of one of the days from my last 28 days to get a feel for what to expect.

If you like the video and want to see more then just type a YES in the comments below.

If I get at least 50 yes’s we are a go.

If not then I guess I am not as cool as I thought and I’ll go Snap myslef.  If snap is a curse word…

See ya Monday…Maybe 😉

And if you are on Snap already you’ll be ahead of the game following a long LIVE.  Follow me @phatburn on Snap-a-lap.

So if you want more where that came from, 50 YES’S in the comments below and I am all yours for 28 more days.

May the force be with you…




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59 thoughts on “Oh Snap…a 28 day weight loss diary”

  1. Yes!! It helped remind me throughout the day to stay on track and focused! And obviously was very entertaining! Come back to Snap!!

  2. Love the sound advice and the animated effects! Must be all that movie making as a kid;). Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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