Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!

Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!

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Premade Meals And Nutrition Coaching With PhatBurn

Are You Burning Out Before Burning Fat?

Have you ever felt like you go to the gym consistently, yet the results aren’t following? Maybe you’ve successfully lost a few pounds here and there, only to find yourself standing on the scale a few weeks later, back at stage one. It’s a disappointing experience, but you‘re not alone. Thousands of people struggle with this weight-loss roller coaster, but our team at PhatBurn is here to help you get off that wild ride.

We combine professional workouts from certified personal trainers, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and certified coaches to deliver a nutrition plan full of delicious prepared meal options to create a three-pronged approach to your lifelong fitness journey. We hope that by working with us, you’ll discover that the rest of your life doesn’t have to be a miserable string of dieting and disappointment. Try us for seven days to see for yourself — it might just be the week that changes your life!

Why Is Healthy Food So Important For Weight Loss?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen.” Believe it or not, all of your muscles are “made” there, too! By fueling your body with the right meals, you set yourself up for success on so many levels. Healthy eating is about more than just food. The choices you make when you fill up your plate influence you physically and mentally, and even have an effect on external lifestyle factors, such as budget and time management. At PhatBurn, we understand how food functions as a crucial — but often overlooked — key to a successful fitness journey. Keep scrolling to discover how we can help you fine-tune your diet to lose weight, burn fat, and find your confidence inside and out.

PhatBurn’s Prepared Meals Set You Up For Success

Whether your goals are weight loss, burning fat, or building and toning muscle, our customized meal plans will be prepared for you so that you can focus on your fitness. No hassle, no cleanup — just nutritionally balanced and appropriately portioned breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that taste delicious and provide you with the amount of calories you need for your desired results.

Our meals aren’t “diet food.” You won’t be chomping on artificially sweetened protein bars that could easily replace one of the bricks on your house, or drinking your calories via premade shakes with suspicious ingredients. With PhatBurn, it’s all about assembling the right foods in the right amounts — all real, all delicious. You can expect rotating options including breakfast burritos, Greek yogurt and oatmeal energy balls, turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and kale salad, chicken meatballs over spaghetti squash, and more options that always include a variety of ingredients to make healthy eating exciting and tasty.

The Physical Effects Of Your Food Choices

What You Eat Adds Up

An oversimplified but helpful place to start in understanding how food influences your fitness is with basic math. If you burn 2,000 calories per day but eat 3,000 calories, you’re going to gain weight. Depending on your height, weight, activity level, muscle mass, and a variety of other factors, you will burn a certain amount of calories each day. There are about 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat, which means you must create a deficit equal to this amount in order to lose that pound. Your two options for obtaining that deficit are cutting calories (eating less) and burning calories (working out). For this reason alone, it’s easy to see how making healthy food choices creates a strong foundation for you to achieve your physique goals — but there are more factors to consider than nutrition arithmetic!

Long-Term Undereating Can Have Damaging Consequences

While many people struggle with eating too many calories, eating too few can be equally devastating. If your body is constantly dealing with a calorie deficit that it cannot accommodate by burning existing fat stores, it will try to compensate by burning other tissues. You may be inclined to think that the food you eat only fuels fat formation, but it is also responsible for building muscle. Not only that, but the nutrients in our food supply our bodies at the cellular level for a variety of processes that we cannot see or even feel. This means that the damaging physical effects of long-term undereating may not be obvious until moderate to severe symptoms begin.

Not eating enough, or neglecting certain nutrients (such as fat), can upset your body’s chemical processes. This can result in a host of unwanted outcomes, including hormone disruption. When fat intake or level of body fat becomes too low, your body can no longer produce sufficient levels of multiple hormones. This can affect mood, intimate performance, mental function, fertility, menstruation, and other crucial processes. Undereating can also negatively affect your workouts, because you won’t have the energy to perform your best. While you won’t need to burn additional calories in this case, your ability to replace fat with muscle will significantly diminish, if not completely cease.



Find Meal-Time Balance With PhatBurn

At PhatBurn, we help you determine the amount of calories you need to eat for your body and goals. If you’re someone that struggles with cutting too many calories or skipping meals, our prepared options combined with nutrition planning can help you gain the confidence you need to get results without risking your health. Our mission is to make your fitness journey a positive experience, not one filled with anxiety!

Quick Summary: Cutting too many calories can prevent your body from building muscle and performing necessary functions. Undereating can negatively affect energy, mood, mental function, intimacy, fertility, and menstruation.

Weight Loss Isn’t Always The Goal

Weight loss is not the only fitness goal of every PhatBurn member. In fact, gaining weight (ideally, mainly in the form of muscle) can be a healthy form of fitness progress when fueled by healthy food choices. This phase of purposely, mindfully putting on weight is often referred to as “bulking,” because you are bulking up your body in order to lift heavier weights. This can be contrasted with the “cutting” phase, in which you lose weight with the goal of maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. The physical result of these bulking and cutting phases can be a more muscular, defined body.

Bulk Responsibly With PhatBurn

If you choose to implement a bulking phase, PhatBurn can help you fuel your muscle building with healthy food options from our prepared meals program. When you suddenly have 500, 1000, or more additional calories to eat, it can be tempting to spend a lot of them on junk food. Those excess calories will still help you gain weight, but they will not allow your body to perform optimally.

Quick Summary: Gaining weight to build muscle can be a healthy approach to improving fitness performance. Be sure to choose healthy food for your extra calories!



Get Your Nutrients Through Whole Foods

Nutrient deficiencies should be avoided at all costs. Eating a balanced diet full of colorful veggies, whole grains, grass-fed meats, and a variety of other foods can help protect against deficiencies. If you’d like extra assurance, research the wide range of individual and multivitamins available online and in stores. Be sure to confirm that your chosen product has been tested and proven to contain the ingredients on the label and nothing else. Other options for obtaining more nutrients in a convenient manner include fortified protein powders, powdered greens, homemade smoothies, and other foods with added vitamins and minerals.

Of course, eating whole foods is always a better choice. Unaltered foods contain the full package of protein, fats, carbs, fiber, and nutrients that naturally work together. For example, a whole apple contains fiber that helps slow down the metabolism of the sugar also within the fruit. When the fiber and sugar are separated through heavy blending or juicing, this can cause a blood sugar spike. While a cup of apple juice on occasion is fine for most people, drinking large glasses of fruit juice as a way to “cleanse” the body or provide extra nutrients is simply not effective.

PhatBurn Makes Healthy Eating Easy

We offer a variety of chef-prepared meals that include whole foods, so you can get the nutrition you need without sacrificing taste! We incorporate meats, veggies, eggs, whole grains, fruit, and other foundational foods to ensure you can enjoy delicious meals that meet your body’s needs.

Quick Summary: Choose to eat whole foods as often as possible and limit your intake of processed products and junk food.

The Mental Effects Of Your Food Choices

Mental Function

Have you ever eaten so much that you ended up feeling sick? Maybe a sugary soda or dessert-masquerading-as-coffee helped you start your day at rocket speed, only to leave you crashing on your desk in exhausting — and mostly likely with a pounding headache. These results are a physical effect of your food choices, but they also bring mental repercussions. Difficulty concentrating can be one manifestation of these repercussions, as can feeling tired, sluggish, and unmotivated.

Emotional Health

Eating unhealthy foods, often labeled “bad foods,” can also lead to feelings of shame, guilt, sadness, self-loathing, and other negative emotions. This can result in a vicious cycle in which food is used to console and comfort, even after it has been associated with disappointment. This can leave individuals in an unproductive state in which progress is delayed or stopped completely. This is not to say that an occasional treat is to be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, having dessert or processed snacks every once in a while can be profoundly beneficial in maintaining an overall healthy diet in the long run. Eating healthy food — while not overly restricting — will set you up for success.

Quick Summary: Food and our relationship with it can be mentally and emotionally complex. Healthy eating without over-restricting is the best approach.

Lifestyle Effects of Food


When it comes to calories from food, it’s typically easier to eat less than it is to burn more. Just one indulgent snack, such as a cupcake with frosting or a candy bar, can require over an hour of moderate exercise to burn off. When you make healthy choices that fit within your calorie limit to lose or maintain weight, you save time that you can spend on positive activities and hobbies.

At PhatBurn, we know that making healthy choices may reduce gym time, but the added effort of shopping for and cooking those healthy choices can leave you with fewer precious hours in the day. That is why we offer delicious, chef-prepared meals that are easy to order and pick up — no need to meander through the grocery store or dirty the kitchen. View our featured meals and order the ones that suit your taste buds to see just how simple and delicious healthy eating can be!




While it’s possible to spend nearly as much as you want on healthy food, eating a balanced diet doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you may find that you spend less money on groceries when you limit your junk food intake and opt for healthy, home-cooked meals. Junk food is often less satiating than healthy food, meaning you’ll be more likely to eat more of it to feel full. Piling up your plate with high-volume, low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods like vegetables can be a great option for eating more food, but less calories! When you include more produce, whole grains, beans, legumes, and other fresh or bulk items on your shopping list, you just might end up with a little extra cash and a couple missing pounds at the end of the month.

PhatBurn provides tasty, high-quality prepared meals at a competitive price to help you find a balance between saving time and saving money. Depending on your budget, you can utilize our chef-created meals as often as you’d like. Order a few during busy seasons, use them for one meal per day, or try them out for every course. You can view our featured meals and pick your favorites through our convenient ordering platform!

Quick Summary: Eating healthy can save you time in the gym, but you might spend more time in the kitchen. Vice versa for unhealthy eating.

Try PhatBurn’s Food + Fitness Combo And Start Seeing Results

We are so excited for you to take the next step on your fitness journey. Whether this is your first, fifth, or hundredth time trying to begin, our team of dedicated coaches are here to guide you with instruction, encouragement, and a plan that works. We’ll help you build a custom nutrition plan for your unique goals, and we are always available to answer questions and offer advice. Be sure to check out our Workout page to learn about how we include physical exercise in our fitness approach!

Are you ready to start making some great changes to your fitness level and your life?



Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!

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