Joining a Gym Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why…

Joining a Gym Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The other day I walked into NY Sports Club at 8pm on a Monday night.  There were about 60 people there.

I think 50 of them were on the cardio machines, 5 were playing basketball and the other 5 were on the floor using the free weights or machines.

The funny thing is the weight “floor” takes up about 80% of the gym space. But, 80% of the people in the gym are crammed into the  smaller cardio section.  The part of the gym that you don’t even need.  The part you could do for free if you just went for a run outside rather than indoors on the gym treadmill.

I have to imagine there wouldn’t be such a huge disparity between those using the cardio vs. the machines and free weights if people knew what to do and how to use the machines.

I understand you may be intimidated.  I get why the easiest thing to do is hop on a treadmill instead of looking like you don’t know what you are doing out their on the “floor.”

Everyone has it backwards. The typical gym is like grad school.  It’s advanced for people who already know what they are doing.   NOT, when you are just starting out or have no idea how to workout.

It’s like telling a teenager who just got their license to jump right into an Indy 500 race.  They are going to be scared and intimidated and never want to drive again.

No wonder why so many people give up.

You cant jump into grad school without going to college first.  Just like you can’t go to college without high school.

Their should be tryouts to get a gym membership.  I’m actually only half joking.

In a post 2 weeks ago about how many times per week you should be working out, I touched on my own life.  I explained how I got started in fitness and how I gathered routines on training from multiple coaches through high school and college.  I have thousands of workouts under my belt with different programs given to me and different routines to experiment with.

I can go into a room with no equipment and figure out a workout to do using the 4 walls and the floor in 10 seconds.  But I own a fitness business and this knowledge comes easy to me.

So what should you do?

How do you start learning what to do?

Where are your options?

You have 3.

  1. Hire a personal trainer.  This is a great way to get the individual attention you need but very expensive.
  2. Do some research online and figure it out.  This has zero cost dollar wise but a huge cost time wise.  If you have the time and the passion than go for it.  You will make mistakes, spend hours researching and creating plans to experiment on yourself but it will pay off.
  3. A more efficient way would be to surround yourself with those who have done it before and have the knowledge to get and keep you on the right track so you don’t waste your time or money.  People who have already made all the mistakes, have tried everything and know what works.  (hint PhatBurn 😉

The traditional gym model has one objective. To grow their membership base.
They attract you with bright shiny (intimidating) machines, rows of cardio equipment and fancy swimming pools.

All that stuff is great.

The problem is once you join they could care less if you come or not.   In fact most gyms depend on you not showing up because if 100% of their members actually did they wouldn’t be able to accommodate them all.

The important things that you need to keep you successful isn’t offered amidst all the bright shiny objects.

What if you don’t know how to use the machines?  You need a trainer.
What if you don’t now what to eat?  You need a nutrition coach.
What if your so busy you don’t have time to cook?  You need a chef to cook it for you.
What if you are lacking motivation?  You need a person to track your results, re-evaluate your program and tell you what to do on regular intervals.

You need someone to constantly be involved in your fitness journey to tweak your plan as you are going though it.

Once you hit your goal and have a good enough understanding on how to do it on your own THEN you can join the gym.

PhatBurn is you university.  Let us coach you.  Let us make sure you are doing the right exercise.  Let us teach you the right way to eat.  Let us actually get you the result you want.

THEN once you are equipped with the knowledge and new found motivation from actually achieving your fitness goals, hit the gym and show those rookies who’s boss.

You will be ready with a degree from PhatBurn and the confidence to hit the gym with a plan.

January has a ton of new gym rookies.  Get some schooling first this year and your results will follow suit.

Here is a quick checklist.  In my opinion, if you can say yes to these 3 questions you are ready to go it on your own.  If not you will find yourself on the couch in February instead of motivated and rocking through your 2016 fitness goals.

  1. Do you have the knowledge to put together a fitness regimen that combines both cardio and weight training that includes hitting every body part at least once per week?
  2. Do you have a nutrition plan that is simple to follow and that you can sustain for more than 4 weeks?
  3. Do you have a support system available to you to track and measure your results to ensure you hit your goals and then maintain them? (besides the scale)

If you are missing one or more of these you will hit a plateau at some point. Guaranteed.

Check out what Najah who just lost 50+ lbs at PhatBurn had to say about re-entering the gym AFTER her success with a PhatBurn program.

“I’ve been that person who signs up for a gym membership in the start of the new year, try to do my own thing, realize nothing was working, get frustrated and give up.  I finally tried something new when I signed up for Phatburn. Phatburn was a different experience than your typical gym, because it was about educating its members about exercise and nutrition.  The exercise combined with the nutritional component, help me lose 50 pounds!  However, I came to a point where I needed to venture out on my own and try to see if I can maintain my new lifestyle.  It should be noted, I took this break during the month of November (at the start of the holiday seasons). My fear was palpable; the last thing I wanted to do was to go backwards and start to gain again. Or worse, become lazy or weak because I wanted that cookie, brownie, pie, etc.  I hoped and prayed that I had willpower to keep going strong with my new lifestyle.  I surprised myself. I was no longer intimidated by the gym because I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I wasn’t fearful of eating or even having a small piece of dessert, because I knew how to balance it out. I knew what to do and how to do it, because Phatburn gave me the tools I needed to maintain my new, healthy lifestyle.  I think with anything, it is important to have the building blocks first to maintain a solid foundation. This is what Phatburn did for me, gave me the building blocks to able to survive even without them. ”


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1 thought on “Joining a Gym Doesn’t Work, Here’s Why…”

  1. I am glad this subject came up because it’s a reality. I believe we all have been there specially after the holidays; and off course before knowing about Phatburn.

    Motivation is key, and unfortunately when you have no idea of what you are doing and what you are eating is really difficult to keep focus and driven towards that goal. PB gives you that motivation and knowledge needed to succeed in your fitness goal.

    PB it’s like the Zen of fitness, it trains you, feeds you, and Schools you. The balance you need for a healthier and happier self.

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