The I’ll Start Tomorrow Mentality

The I’ll Start Tomorrow Mentality

One of  my least favorite words is ‘try’.  The reason I don’t like the word try is because it gives you permission to fail at something.  Somehow we feel better if we tried.  The reality is this, in the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

This got me thinking into the common issue when going into an exercise rut.   The I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start Monday mentality.  I just broke the rut for myslef TODAY after 14 days of no workouts and I wanted to write about my realization for you to benefit.
The month of Feb:  Working out 5x per week

March 1st:  My bachelor party in Key West.  The following is a list of my diet and excuses for not getting back into the gym after this short vacay.

March 2nd: 10 Coronas

March 3rd: 10 Coronas

March 4th: 10 Coronas

March 5th: Hangover day 1

March 6th: Hangover day 2

March 7th: somewhat back to normal but mini hangover day 3

March 8th:  Now I feel sick, soar throat, cough, feel weak

March 9th: sick

March 10th: sick

March 11th:  Back to normal, phinally.

March 12th:  I decide ok time to get back into my routine.  I’ll start Thursday April 15th because that’s when I am picking up my next food order so I’ll begin everything then.

March 13: Eat like sh!t and don’t workout

March 14th: had 2 donuts, no workout

March 15th: after not working out on my planned day back and not picking up my food until night, I stop at CVS and get a pack of snicker ice cream bars and eat two because I am definitely starting tomorrow.

March 16th:  Workout out in the morning.  Have had two PhatBurn meals and feel great.  My workouts are already planned for Saturday and Sunday.


OK, the reason I give you this timeline is this.  First, there is nothing wrong with going on vacation.  In fact when I go on vacay 90% of the time I do not workout and eat and drink whatever I want.  It’s less than 5% of my life so I don’t stress it.  Same with getting sick.

Now, the real screw up came when on April 12th I decided for whatever illogical reason in my brain to start on Thursday.  Do you see the next few days?  Do you see how that gave me permission to NOT workout and eat like crap because I was going to start soon.

The I am going to start tomorrow mentality is literally giving you permission to TRY.  To say I’ll have this donut today because I am starting tomorrow.  You and I do more damage in those last few days leading up than we do in our normal everyday lives.

My suggestion.  Just getting that first freaking workout in.  No matter what.  Call a friend and book a class together.  Make an appointment with yourself.  Put it in your calendar and set your alarm for that time.  Exercise does something to your brain.  As soon as you get that first one it’s on.  The desire comes back and you are back in the game.  How long that will last is a different story but my 2 week bachelor party binge, playing sick boy and saying I’ll wait until tomorrow are past me.

Until the next (insert interruption here) to life attacks 🙂


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