I Went Vegetarian for 14 Days, Here’s What Happened


I Went Vegetarian for 14 Days, Here’s What Happened

I went vegetarian for 2 weeks.  Here is what happened.

Actually, I kind of went vegetarian, technically what I did would be called a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian.

Too difficult to explain but basically it means I still ate milk, eggs and cheese.


Here is what I ate

Most of the time I was eating vegetables as my carbs.  I used healthy fats like olive oil, chia seeds and nuts or nut butters as my fats.  I got my protein from greek yogurt, chick peas, vegan protein powder, tofu and eggs.


Each day, two of my meals would be a protein shake and an egg dish. That left the remaining 2 meals (I eat 4 times per day) to substitute my usual meat dishes with a vegetarian dish.

PhatBurn does make some vegetarian friendly dishes so I would order the oatmeal, egg dishes and tofu dishes which left only one real meal to prep per day.


Here is why I did it

For a long time, I ‘ve felt like I get bloated after meals.  I eat healthy and I work out but for some reason after eating a complete meal I feel like my stomach bulges out more than I consider normal.  It may not be problematic at all but, through process of elimination a few years ago I determined a big culprit was the whey protein powder I was putting in my protein shakes each morning.  From this finding I switched over to a vegan protein and that did help.

However, I wanted to take it step further.  Based on a hunch I felt meat, chicken and fish would be a good thing to eliminate and see how I feel.  So below is my log throughout my 14-day journey.


Days 1-3.

I felt great. It may just be confirmation bias but I was convinced my bloating had subsided.  I didn’t feel bloated, it wasn’t hard to eat meat and I felt great convinced I had found the answer.

Day 4

I ate dinner at a sushi joint and had vegetable pad thai and two blue moon beers.  I felt incredibly bloated after and woke up the next morning still feeling full.  This made me think maybe it’s not the meat after all but could be wheat, pasta,  or alcohol.

Day 6

I had a fish cake.  This was the first animal protein I had.  I chose eating a salmon cake at my mother’s house vs not eating at all because I had no other meals with me.  I guess that now makes me a lacto-ovo-pescatarian ?

Day 7 through Day 12

I continued with the plan eating mostly veggies and no animal proteins.  I came up with a go to salad I enjoyed with had boiled eggs and chick peas to get my protein in.  The difference here was I didn’t feel that bloat free effect that I had in days 1 through 3.  I just felt like I normally do.  Sometimes bloated sometimes not.

Day 13

I legit forgot I was vegetarian and ate meat at the Portchester beer garden for a friend’s 40th birthday.  Whatever.

Day 14

It was my last day and since I broke the day before already I ate the chicken out of a chicken parm sandwich at the pool.

lacto ovo

My Conclusion

Not eating meat I think does contribute somewhat to less bloating simple because it takes longer to digest.  However, I believe I have more elimination to do with things like gluten, wheat and alcohol to dive deeper into what may be causing it.  I am not going to continue the experiment just yet.  I think the next time will be during our Phatburn Challenge which is starting August 6th where I can choose the next item to eliminate.

My “gut” is telling me it is going to end up being a combination of meat, wheat and processed protein powders that may be the culprits.  We shall see…


Until then my official title will remain as

Paul the Pescatarian Protein Powder Pre Vegan Specialist

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