How Super Are Superfoods?

How Super Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are the head of every diet guide right now, but it seems like as soon as you start a superfood diet, suddenly that food becomes the worst thing for your body and there’s a new craze. It can make researching a healthy diet for yourself feel impossible when no two people can agree on what is or isn’t good for your body. That’s why today PhatBurn is going to break down the myths around superfoods.

Where Do Superfoods Come From

If it makes you feel any better, we’ve been having the superfoods debate since the beginning of the last century, and we’re still no closer to a single answer. Back in the 1910’s, bananas were the big news, claiming to cure diabetes and celiac disease, but all that was people removing gluten from their diet and replacing it with something that could temporarily counteract the side effects. The association became that bananas cured the intolerance to gluten, not that taking gluten out was the cause of the problems in the first place. No matter the time, superfoods are heralded as the “Cure-All” label, and they have been throughout the history of their usage. 

Modern Use For Nutritional Diets

Most of the time, companies take advantage of the superfood term because most people see food as that cure-all, even when it’s only one facet of healthy living. People rework their diets around the newest trends and most recent superfood claims and not around what actually works for their body, like in the case of the banana-gluten connection. 

There are diets you can start around superfoods that can help. Removing wheat, dairy, and alcohol all reduce the number of carbs you get in a day, and replacing those with foods that are high in fiber helps break down the carbs you do have. But that’s not because spinach is a superfood, it’s because of the fiber it has to counteract other reactions happening in your body. Superfood is often added to healthy food just to make it sell more, not because it can solve all of your health problems by dropping everything to only eat off a list of 20 foods.

Planning Healthy Meals With Superfoods

While foods often labeled as superfoods are super for your health, that doesn’t mean only eating them is good for you. For a healthy diet, use superfoods as a base, but always balance your diet based on all of the protein, fat, and carbs you need. Look into what adjustments you need to make for your body. You could end up finding out that a diet worked for you for the same reason that the bananas “helped” celiac patients, and you have an intolerance to a type of food. Even if you don’t, there are still certain foods you can cut down on or out of your diet and still have a wide selection outside of the 20 current superfoods. Target what you need, not what the trends say.


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