How not to give up with a story by Mary

How not to give up with a story by Mary

Perseverance is easier said than done. Here is an 8 week story of a woman that had every reason to give up, but instead trusted in the PB process and ended up finding out the key to her lifelong fitness secret.

What’s up, guys? Coming to you with another little word from Wintergerst Wisdom. And this one is a topic and a story that I’ve told before, about a girl – we are going to call her Mary – who really trusted in the process after some big time struggles in the beginning with PhatBurn. And I’m posting this now, because last night in one of our internal Facebook groups, a woman who I am meeting with tonight, her name is Carlene. This is nothing new to the guys who saw this post last night, she is frustrated with her results, she is going through some hard times, the scale is moving in the opposite direction. Okay, so let’s be real, it’s not all before and afters and people who are crushing it. People have real-life struggles and some people have to do a little extra work and an extra digging to get this all to work. So, I’m meeting with Carlene tonight and we’re going to come up with a plan and I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

The story of Mary happened years ago and I love this story because of her commitment to the program and her trust in the coaches here, despite having such a hard time in the beginning, following everything according to plan. Here is what happened with her. She joined us and was all in and very excited. She didn’t have a huge amount of weight to lose but she did have a decent amount of body fat to lose. And she had a goal of going on vacation at a certain time and it was very realistic and she wanted to achieve this body fat percentage drop before her vacation, which was months away.

So, what happened was, she started getting the coaching here, she started working out here five days a week and she started eating all of our food. So she was doing everything PhatBurn. Now, that works extremely well for 90% of the people. The other 10% of the people who do not get results take more coaching, take more digging and take more figuring it out. So unfortunately, if you are one of those 10% of the people, you have some more work to do. However, it is still possible to figure out what’s going on with you and not have thoughts like “Your body is different. Your situation is different. It works for everyone else, just not for me”.

So here is what happened to her. We do body comps every two weeks. So after her two-week body comp, she literally had zero results. Now, that’s from eating our food, doing our workout, okay? But after two weeks, sometimes I don’t think it’s even enough data and I convinced her to keep going for another two weeks. Because I still wanted to see this play out over a month. I was coaching this woman. She came in after four weeks, she had zero results. So right now, it’s embarrassing to say that, because that even reflects poorly on PhatBurn. How can you do twenty workouts here, eat all of our food, the food that we are cooking and have zero results? Obviously, something had to change.

So what we did at that point, after the four-week mark and Mary was very skeptical. At this point, from following the program for a month, she wanted to not quit, but she was just like “I don’t know if I want to keep doing this”. Which is completely understandable, right? So what we did at that point, we eliminated… Then you can start going through some of the top culprits, through an elimination diet. There’s gluten, there’s dairy. People having tolerances to certain things. And it’s kind of like a trial and error game, because there is no one-shot answer. Everybody’s body is different. But we decided to eliminate gluten for her next go-round and she still continued to get the food from us, and it was more work from us, but we had to make it gluten-free, which we did do at a certain time here and there.

Over the next two weeks, there were literally zero results. Her body fat percentage started moving in the right direction, but it was decimals of a point. To at which point she sat in the office with me after six weeks, started getting really emotional, upset, she started crying at times and just couldn’t understand why these things weren’t working. Now, from week six to week eight, we flipped it and we decided to eliminate all dairy from her diet. She is now a month and a half into the process, still trusting me and still trusting PhatBurn to help her – which I applaud her for, because it takes a real big amount of courage and commitment to do that when something is not working and to have faith to keep going.

So between week six and eight, we eliminated dairy, kept getting the food, kept working out. In week eight, her body fat percentage went down 1%. So keep this in perspective; she has been in the program now for eight weeks. Her body fat has gone down only 1%. I mean, some of you guys come in to me and complain that after one week of the program – and your body fat percentage has moved more than 1% – you’re not even satisfied with the speed of your results. So this woman has been committed for two months, I want to keep stressing that. But the breakthrough there was that things were moving in the right direction. So now from week eight to week ten, we kept her on the same thing and it was no dairy. And when she came back and did her 10-week body comp, her body fat percentage was down 5% from her original weigh-in; 1% and an additional 4%.

Now, think about what a relief that is for a person like that, to figure out that they have a dairy intolerance which was holding them back from getting results literally her entire life. And now that that was finally uncovered, it’s off to the races. Because she knows what she has to do and she knows what was holding herself back within her body. I am going to be honest with you; we rarely get to that point with clients and members, because it’s so discouraging that a lot of people give up before that’s possible. And a lot of people don’t trust in the process to make this happen. Which is why a lot of people don’t get to where they want to be in their lives when it comes to fitness, especially the 10% of the people who don’t have it easy like the 90% of us do. For 90% of us, you just need to start moving and you need to start eating better. That’s it. The results start happening. If the results are going slow, you just know you need to intensify one or two of those things to get them to move faster. But if they are going in the right direction, your body works. There’s nothing wrong with you. Some people have legitimate issues. I mean, gluten is a real thing, dairy is a real thing. And there is a ton of them. I actually have… Well, I will deviate for now.

After we figured out where she needed to be, she went on to eventually lose, I believe, 9% body fat. She was extremely excited. I was even more excited, because we unlocked the key to her success when it comes to her dieting and fitness and the meal plans that she needs to be on. There was nothing wrong with her workouts. The workouts stayed exactly the same. But I come out with this and I am speaking to everybody last night, because you saw what Carlene posted and the struggles that she is going through. You actually have no idea, the struggles she is going through are real, there are a lot in her personal life right now. And I’m not going to go into the details about that, but you already see the support she is getting from our community, encouraging her not to give up. We are going to go into her game plan tonight and strategize on how to get her on the right path and she’s going to have to trust in this process.

So there are two types of people out there. One: You are lucky enough to make this thing happen and you already know how it works. The second type of person: You need to figure it out and you really need to work with a coach. But ideally, what I want you get out of this video is the mindset that it took for somebody to trust in a process, to figure out how your body works with somebody who knows what they are talking about and unlocking the key to what has been holding your results down for probably your entire life. Not an easy thing to find out, it is possible.

And that is the moral of this story, folks. So I hope these things are helping you and I hope that you can have some faith that your situation is not different, it just may need some extra digging and there is a solution out there. So have a great night, have a great day, whenever you are listening to this. Drop a comment if you are listening to this on the podcast. Share this with somebody who may need it, we’d appreciate that too. And see you next time, bye!

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