How Many Coffees Can You Drink Per Day?

how much coffee is too much

How Many Coffees Can You Drink Per Day?

Hello, it is Paul and it’s been a little while since a Walk with Wintergerst and I’m back with a short one today in relation to coffee.  I get a lot of questions regarding coffee in my nutrition consultations and I have an interesting nutritional tidbit that I think you will all enjoy.


Is coffee good or bad?

Am I allowed to drink coffee while I’m on my diet?



I usually tell them that it’s not the coffee.  Water is zero calories and a big black coffee is probably five calories, so it doesn’t really affect anything. It’s what you put in the coffee, the sugar, the milk, the cream, the flavor pumps. Those all have the calories that are not helping you with your weight loss and fat loss efforts.  When it comes to the actual coffee itself, there is something called genetic polymorphism which are slight differences in our genetics that affect the way we process foods as individuals.


We all have an enzyme in our liver which is responsible for breaking down the caffeine in coffee. For some of us the enzyme breaks down caffeine a lot faster than others. I am one of those people.  Caffeine doesn’t have a big effect on me.  Coffee doesn’t have a big effect on my energy or give me jitters or make me feel super hyper unless I have huge amounts. So I think that I have the enzyme that breaks down the caffeine fast.


If that’s not you than you break down caffeine a lot slower.  If you’re one of those people then coffee usually does have a huge effect on you.  It gives you those jitters, it wakes you up and it lasts for a long amount of time because your enzyme is breaking down that caffeine much slower.


In conclusion, if you break down coffee really fast then coffee is not such a bad thing for you to drink even if you’re drinking 1 to 3 cups per day because the good things like the antioxidants in coffee stay in your body longer but the caffeine is eliminated faster.  In this case don’t worry about how much coffee you drink.  On the flip side, if you have the enzyme that breaks down the caffeine slower than the caffeine is staying in your body longer which is not really a good thing. You would want to limit yourself to drinking 1 cup per day and at a time that doesn’t affect your sleep.

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