How Hard Is It To Eat Perfect?

How Hard Is It To Eat Perfect?

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How Hard Is It To Eat Perfect?

Very hard…

But only in the beginning.

In my experience the whole thing has to do with delayed gratification.

When you first start eating well and working out you may not see results right away. Doing something and getting no result makes it harder to want to keep doing it.

If you have the willpower to stick it out and get the result you desire it starts getting easier and easier because you achieved the delayed reward.  Your hard work paid off.

The fitness journey is one that is often given up on.  BUT, if you can last through the beginning critical stages your rewards will start to catch up with your efforts and the journey will get easier.

I recently did a short experiment on myself.

I usually eat PB food 5 days per week.  On the weekend I eat whatever I want, I drink etc…This is my maintenance mode.  My body doesn’t change and I don’t expect to.  I then pick a month or 2 out of the year where I “go in.”  My eating is strict even on weekends, I don’t drink and I workout 1 extra day per week.

And guess what…I get sick results.

I don’t like living my life at that level so I ease back into maintenance mode and maintain the gains I have achieved.  I have found my healthy balance and that is what the tracking at PhatBurn should help you find.

The problem is most don’t want to sacrifice in the beginning.

A few weeks ago I was discussing the meal plan with a client who was on the PhatBurn meals 5 days per week.  This person wanted to know why he wasn’t getting results even though he was dieting and doing our workout 5 days per week.

My first question was “What are you eating on the weekend?”  In a typical month there are 8 weekend days for every 20 weekdays.  That’s 30% of the month.

So what is perfect?  100%?  I’ll go so far as to say eating perfect can be defined as eating according to plan 90% of the time.

If you eat PERFECT for 20 days and blowout on 8 days you may not see any improvement.


Because you are only eating well 70% of the time and that is not enough for drastic results.

All you are doing is giving back in 2 days what it took you 5 days to achieve. AND that’s fine if maintenance is your goal.

So awareness is key.  First realize how perfect you are actually eating and then let’s come up with a plan.

The weekends are the hardest part.

MY suggestion:

Pick 1 weekend you will eat perfect.  That’s only 2 fricken days. (Dr. Evil voice)  Start on a Monday and last all the way through until the following Friday.  Achieve that and you are cramming in the most weekdays possible into a 12 day period.

Then measure your results.  Now you can start deciding for yourself what kind of balance you are comfortable with.

For me its intense for 30-60 days followed by maintenance for 10 months.  It works.

For you…who knows…but let’s start figuring it out.

P.S.  As a result of the convo with the client I mentioned above I told him I would eat perfect for 7 days that week instead of my normal 5 and track my results.  I actually kept a diary.  I copied it below with the results…I was on a 6 meal per day regimen.  5 PhatBurn meals plus a 6th.

1 week eating perfect attempt.

Weight went from 176 to 168

BF% went from 12.9 to 11.9

Excess fat went from 23 to 20

LBM went from 154 to 148

Diary below. (excuse my grammar it was MY diary)


–didn’t work out so actually felt crappy. feel like my body doesn’t process the food as well when i don’t

-ate seaweed salad from red plum as my 6th meal

-also had a stuffed clam downstairs at iron tomato because mike was asking me to try a new recipe so i didn’t eat my pb lunch



-worked out at 5:15 class

-ate only PB food felt great, went to bed hungry HWL (Hot Water & Lemon) to get by


-weight training

– ate only pb food felt great again

– ate my 6th meal seaweed salad at red plum and picked on 2 sashimi pieces from don and 2 pieces steak from andrew

-was hard to not eat desert or eat more


– woke up not feeling bloated from red plum and overeating as i normally would. THIS IS THE REWARD – IT IS DELAYED GRATIFICATION BUT FEELS GOOD WHEN YOU GET THERE

– did a weighted wrkt on my own and ate nothing but PB food, getting easier


– did 930 pb class ate pb food

-6th meal was grilled chicken tenders (grilled chicken) at lunch for my dad’s b day

– after work went to red plum, bro jimmies and hudson.  EXTREMLY hard not to drink pick on things people were eating and i was exhausted.  felt like not myself, dont know if it was bc i wasnt drinking or bc i was up at 6am but i was not my normal fun self but i held out.


– AGAIN THE PAY OFF KICKS IN.  i know what it feels like on a sat morning feeling like shit from the night before.  instead i felt great, my abs look better in the bathroom mirror this morning and i can actually feel myself getting leaner.  again delayed gratification.  im actually not sure the gratification was worth the suffering from the night before.

– did pb muscle building class. crushed the wrkt total 180 from what it would have been if i was hungover or if i even would have made it at all t the gym.

– worked all day and wasn’t temtped until night when I had people over.  they all went to the bars after and I stayed home.  Had a tablespoon of nutella.


You can see where I struggled and then found my reward immediately the next day.  Sometimes you have to just hold out a little longer because thereward is close by and that is what drives you forward.

Two quotes to help you out:

”If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right.” Edward Simmons

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