HIIT Your Cardio with Weights

HIIT Your Cardio with Weights


Cardio doesn’t always have to be the treadmill and elliptical.   One of my favorite cardio workouts is something I call a progression workout and it involves using weights in a circuit style non-stop routine.

It’s awesome for getting a good pump in and it will 100% get you breathing heavy and feeling that cardio effect.  In my opinion it is one of the most efficient ways to exercise, especially for reducing body fat.

The beauty of high intensity interval training is it’s effectiveness.  Traditional cardio lends itself to increasing your endurance.  Traditional weight lifting lends itself to increasing your strength,  HIIT training has become so popular in the last five years because it combines both cardio and strength in a much shorter workout.  You burn more calories per minute doing high intensity interval training  than you do with traditional cardio like running or biking and traditional weight lifting.  This is why I call HIIT training the most efficient way to burn fat.

At PhatBurn, we find that the perfect balance for fat loss is to do three HIIT workouts and two strength workouts per week.  If your goal is to build muscle we invert that plan to include three strength training workouts and two HIIT workouts per week.

In addition to the structure mentioned above you want to hit each body part two times per week to see noticeable progress.  Training each body part only once per week is more of a maintenance type of phase.

If you would like to experience the structure and routine that has worked for thousands of PhatBurn members, than come in a tree a free HIIT workout in our studio.  If you don’t know what HIIT is or have never tried it, this is a great way to start.  We would be honored to have you in the studio.

Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!

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Lose 2 lbs per week for 6 weeks or we’ll train you for FREE!