Guilt Free Thanksgiving

The cheat meal.

It’s either a well deserved reward or a guilt ridden disaster.

Without going to geeky on you, here is some simple advice and a tip on keeping your cheat meals and this Thanksgiving guilt free.

There are times after a workout when your muscles receive food better. It’s called an anabolic window and all it means is that your muscles are ready to absorb food and actually use for repair instead of storing it.

Not that all “bad” foods are going to work wonders for you BUT it is way better than eating late at night when your body is just going to store all those extra unnecessary calories as fat.

For this reason it is better to have your cheat meal AFTER a weight training workout. It is even better to train one of the bigger muscle groups like legs or back as opposed to the smaller muscle groups.

Bigger Muscles = Big absorption

You probably have heard of the importance of protein after your workouts or post workout shake and it is for the reason stated above.

So the tip this holiday is to get a great weight training workout in before you hit the festivities.  Your body will be better set up to receive the food and put it to good use.

At PhatBurn we have a 9:30am Thanksgiving workout,  Shoulders, Back and Abs. Get it in and get your mind right 🙂

Try a PhatBurn HIIT Workout Free!

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  • Andrena

    I really wish I could be there Thursday morning. I have to leave for Long Island at 1, and only have that morning to spend with my parents. Going to class and showering would only give me a little more than an hour with them. 🙁

  • Paul

    Who’s committed to getting a workout in Thanksgiving morning after reading this?

  • Joseph

    Great article, Paul!

    • paul

      Thanks Joe I am glad you enjoyed it!

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