Final Results – Day 28

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Final Results – Day 28

It has been a fun 28 days snapping with you guys.


Hopefully you have seen with a little dedication and some simple tweaks to your every day life, losing body fat is not such a big deal.


t is just doing things right MOST not ALL of the time and being consistent and sticking to a steady training regimen complimented by the right meal plan.


Some key takeaways from these 28 days for me are:

  • Tracking it Mandatory:  If you remember my first week my results got worse.  If it wasn’t for making that adjustment early on to my meal plan I may have wasted an entire month of effort with no reward.  (check out my results below and you will see what I mean)
  • Accountability is Mandatory:  I am telling you right now if I wasn’t snapping out all my workouts and meal to all you awesome people I really would have skipped some of the Friday night workouts 😉
  • Having a coach means a lot:  There are times even I have questions and need to bounce my struggles off of someone to make sure I am headed in the right direction.  With Shawn Smith coaching me it made the process re-assuring just when I needed it.
  • It aint easy but it is worth it:  Let’s face it if getting into great shape was easy then everyone would be rockin 8 pack abs.  The truth is it does take some determination and consistency BUT it is not as crazy as you think.  ANYONE can do what I just did for 28 days.  ANYONE…

Once you get a taste of those sweet results it gets easier.  Trust me 🙂


Let’s review these results.

results week 4

Weight – stayed in a pretty tight range of 4 lbs

Fat – lost 2.5 pounds of pure fat.  That is a 8,750 calorie deficit 🙂

Body fat % – went from 11.6 to 10.6

Muscle – gained a pound of pure muscle which trust me is a big move.  Muscle is not easy to come by…

Water – the body should be around 60% water.  Would you have your body to comprised of more water or fat?  Think about that.  I gained 2.9 lbs of water.  Adding water is a good thing not a bad ting.  All the diet pills that dehydrate you are doing you a disservice.


So that is the end of our journey for now.  I’d love to hear what you guys think.  Leave a comment below.  Post some questions below.  I am happy to answer them and interact with you all.


Here is the final video, until next time!



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