Episode 16 Crush all your excuses with Carlos Amaya

Carlos Amaya

Episode 16 Crush all your excuses with Carlos Amaya

Excuses are the killer of any good fitness regimen. Learn how Carlos Amaya overcame brain surgery and won. His support system, his mindset and his plan for success.

[00:00:00]The biggest excuses most people have when it comes to losing weight and losing fat.

[00:01:50] Former PhatBurn member, Carlos Amaya, who overcame that after his 12 brain surgeries shares his story.

[00:02:27] CEO Paul Wintergerst discusses Carlos role in the creation of 5am classes

[00:03:01] Why its important to have a support system.

[00:03:59] Mr. Amayas journey through 12 six hour brain surgeries.

[00:05:46] ’Carlos had his last brain surgery. How did he get back on track?

[00:08:09] Carlos’ post surgeries 22 pound and 10% body fat loss with the help of PhatBurn. that off, but you, in fact, lost another 22 pounds.

[00:12:01]What sets PhatBurn apart?

[00:13:38] Losing the weight and maintaining.

[00:18:32] How the PhatBurn challenge helped Carlos and his family.

[00:20:09] Why do men lose fat faster than women?

[00:20:50] The bittersweet thing about Carlos’ last consultation with Paul

[00:26:29] Well, I think.

[00:26:33] Having a system is key?

[00:28:43] Reflecting on Carlos’ time at PhatBurn

[00:29:38] Why Carlos says time is not an excuse.

[00:30:16] Why priorities are important in fitness.

[00:33:30] Carlos’ closing remarks.

[00:35:55] Pauls closing remarks.



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