We know you always start your week off right. You make healthy eating choices and hit the gym religiously. The normal routine of your work week provides the structure necessary to stay on track and that feels good.

Then the weekend hits and all bets are off.

So what do ripped girls do? Do they even enjoy themselves? Do they eat out?

The answer is YES, just follow these choices to stay on track when you go out to eat.

Italian Restaurant: Choose grilled chicken or fish with grilled veggies.

Mexican Cantina: Choose a taco salad but hold the cheese and sour cream.

Pizzeria: Order a salad with a lean protein like steak or chicken.

Burger Joint: Go for the burger just scrap the bun. Instead of fries do carrots and celery with a side of dressing to dip.

Sushi Restaurant: Order ginger salad and sashimi. Avoid rolls they are calorie bombs.

Deli: You can get hard boiled eggs, chicken and veggies.

So don’t deprive yourself of being social and having fun. Just start the weekend off right this Friday night. It doesn’t have to be Monday morning to eat well.

Have any other restaurants you have a hard time ordering at? Enter them in the comments below.

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