Meet Team Member Christian Wood

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Meet Team Member Christian Wood

PhatBurn is excited to announce our newest team member!

Meet Christian Wood, animal lover, fitness lifer and someone who walks the walk.  Christian Wood found fitness after high-school and it changed his life.  Below you will understand his motto, and how he aims to repay the gift that fitness gave to him.

Christian grew up in Stamford and was into sports, playing football, throwing shot-put and wrestling.
Even with his high school athletics he found himself at the uncomfortable weight of 250 lbs at the end of his senior year. Then he found the gym. With his own determination and a little motivation from the ladies whom he wanted to impress, Chris got himself in shape and lost 60 lbs.

At 190 lbs he hit a plateau which lasted two years.  Frustrated with no progress he discovered P90X and took it very serious.  In the next 3 months working out at home he blasted past 190 and was able to get down to 165 lbs.  Chris found comfort in a routine and claims to have eaten the same grilled chicken meal 3 times per day throughout the process. Even after his weight loss, he was still self-conscious being in a gym environment.  He was so used to working out at home and knew people would now be watching him (in his mind) in a public setting.  However, he overcame his fear and joined a local Planet Fitness.  This is where Christian fell in love with weights and fitness in general.

Over the next few years in between various jobs Chris began personal training clients at the Stamford YMCA for free just to get experience.  He parlayed that investment into a full time job at LA Fitness and then the Stamford athletic club. He has his certification from NPTI and NASM. Chris is passionate about repaying the debt of affecting people’s lives through fitness just like it affected his.

Chris has a dog named Diamond, a gecko, a goldfish and a cat. He lives by the motto that, “Every day is a new day. Even when you have a hectic day, don’t hit the gym and eat like crap, the next day you wake up and get right back on track towards fulfilling your mission.”

Welcome aboard Christian. We are excited to have you!

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