Day 15 – Halfway Point

Just a normal day in today’s video. Got the workout in and all the meals . My brain was fried as I had a bunch of catch up work to do from last week. I’m loving the questions everyone is messaging and emailing me. Keep em coming 😉 video length (:58)

Day 7 Cheat Meal

I know how eating can spiral out of control and how one meal off the plan can turn into the whole weekend of debauchery. Knowing this, it still happens to me too.  Having said that one of my favorite quotes is, “there are many setbacks on the way to success.”  So, whenever I have a …

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Day 4 – Back On Track

Moving right along to the end of week 1. In this video: – ingredients to my morning meal replacement shake – PhatBurn’s bicep,ab and shoulder workout – beginner explanation of what a “unit” is – insight on what it takes to hit your fitness goals even with the busiest of schedules (video 3:09)    

Day 3 Fat Loss Log

Alright it’s day 3 and I forgot my food already. Today you’ll catch me order a few meals out a restaurants. Pay attention that I aim to keep every meal with a protein, carb and a fat. You’ll also see the modifications I use to accommodate the back issues I have.  (Degenerative disc L4 & …

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