How To Break a Bad Habit (Part 2)

break bad habit

How To Break a Bad Habit (Part 2)

The last post we talked about pattern interrupts and doing something at the BEGINNING of your normal routine that leads you to act out a bad habit.

Today, let’s look at when we are most prone to being vulnerable to slip-ups.

In Part 1 we spoke about SETTING the right BEGINNING to start increasing the likelihood of the end results being what we want.

Remember this acronym. H-A-L-T

H- Hungry
A- Angry
L- Lonely
T- Tired

These are the 4 times you are at your weakest.

If you start realizing when you are in one of these moods it should set off a red flag that you will need a pattern interrupt.   At least with practice it will.

man trying to break bad habits
Break a Bad Habit


Example. I am really hungry right now (aware), maybe I should do (insert pattern interrupt) so that it doesn’t lead to (end result).

Normal you: I am really hungry right now, I’ll just wait until lunch and then figure out what to eat.

Happier you: I am really hungry now. Why don’t I go fill up my water bottle and drink 16oz of water while I take 3 minutes to calmly search the internet for what healthy options I have close by.  This way in 30 minutes I’ll have a plan.

The point is the thought ahead of time, and not being REACTIVE to wherever it is you end up eating.

You are giving yourself more control up front which makes it easier to decide on the back end.

I’d be willing to bet the normal you may have ended up with a deli sub, pizza or sushi for lunch.

The happier you will come away with a lean protein,  veggie and a healthier (complex) carb vs. breads or wraps.

Once you have a few healthy options in your arsenal you put them on autopilot rotation.

My go-to’s used to be

1.The Ms. Green deli section
2. Whole Foods or Fairway prepared food section
3. Anywhere that has a salad bar
4. Any deli.  Order sliced turkey with hummus or whatever veggies they have on display to dip

So let’s be prepared.

Comment below with one thing you can do in each of the 4 tempting scenarios to break the pattern and start setting up your routine for success from the BEGINNING of the habit process.

Just fill in the blank, I would love to hear your answers…

The next time I am HUNGRY I will…

The next time I am ANGRY I will…

The next time I am LONELY I will…

The next time I am TIRED I will…

Remove the temptations.

Start the pattern right, and we are on the right path.

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4 thoughts on “How To Break a Bad Habit (Part 2)”

  1. One of the fitness meme’s I saw yesterday said. “You are not hungry, You are bored, go drink some water and learn the difference.” Hard core huh? That is will power. That might work once. But NOT when you’re feeling H-A-L-T…

  2. The worst one for me is “L”. When I’m feeling lonely or just sad for no particular reason, that’s when I’m willing to eat to feel better. How about the next time I am lonely, I will put on some music and dance.

    1. Love it and thanks for sharing K…With the plan already in place when you notice it you already know what to do. LMK how you make out when that trigger comes up next 🙂

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