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skull crushers

The Best Exercise For Flabby Arms

Best exercise flabby arms. The skull crusher is my favorite exercise to attack that back part of the arm. That part which accumulates the arm flab.  The part that wiggles and jiggles when you wave hello. This exercise if done twice per week will provide nice reduction in your

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ghrelin and leptin

What’s Happening When I’m Hungry?

Ghrelin & Leptin by Jenna Koroly, RD What is happening to my hunger cues while I am going through body fat/weight loss?   Hunger and satiety cues come from 2 main hormones: leptin and ghrelin. Leptin decreases hunger, and ghrelin increases hunger.   In overweight individuals, the leptin signaling

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Deadlift Variations

The deadlift is a strength exercise that works several muscle groups, including your back, glutes and legs. It is one of only a handful of exercises that target muscles in the upper and lower body. Performing a deadlift with proper form is necessary to reduce the risk of injury, particularly to the

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beginner pushup

Beginner & Advanced Pushups

Beginner Pushup The push-up is an all time classic exercise.  Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been working out forever you probably are going to be performing this exercise for the rest of your life. Whether you can do 1 or 100, check out the 3 variations Andrew,

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lose 60 lbs

Meet Team Member Christian Wood

PhatBurn is excited to announce our newest team member! Meet Christian Wood, animal lover, fitness lifer and someone who walks the walk.  Christian Wood found fitness after high-school and it changed his life.  Below you will understand his motto, and how he aims to repay the gift that fitness gave

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