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Plank Pop Up

Phatburn’s head trainer Andrew Wintergerst demonstrates the plank pop up. We use this exercise in our fat loss classes. Andrew likes it because of it’s well rounded benefits. The plank pop up improves overall body endurance, coordination, balance and core stabilization. Pay attention to the second modification Andrew demonstrates

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Squat Variation for People Who Sit Down All Day

Check out this great squat variation by Phatburn trainer Christopher Jackson using two kettlebells.  Squats are great because they train the biggest muscle group of the body.  Increasing your leg muscles is the fast track to increasing your over all muscle mass.  Don’t forget, it’s your muscle that burns

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Beginner’s Way To Learn The Snatch & Clean

Complex moves like the snatch and clean take some instruction and attention to form.  These exercises are great, but, when done wrong can lead to injury.  A nice way to learn complicated movements is to start with light dumbbells.  Don’t jump right in to the advanced motions using the

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The I’ll Start Tomorrow Mentality

One of  my least favorite words is ‘try’.  The reason I don’t like the word try is because it gives you permission to fail at something.  Somehow we feel better if we tried.  The reality is this, in the words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no

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Cool Lunge Variations

Lunges Spice up some leg workouts with some of these lunge variations.  PhatBurn trainer Jolin explains the alternating jumping lunge, the forward lunge and the reverse lunge.  Beginners should start with the forward and reverse lunge while more advanced can step up to the more difficult jumping version which

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