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How To Get Perfect Shoulders

Today’s move come from Stamford studio leader Chris Jackson.  Chris demonstrates the bottom up kettle bell press which works you stability, shoulder and core all at once.  This also forces stability in your forearm with his positioning of the inverted kettle bell. Chris likes movements that give a lot

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Spaghetti Squash Shakshuka

Summer is coming which means the comfort foods are going – bye Felecia! All the deliciousness that is a nice pasta dish more often than not heavily relies on what you put on the version of noodle you are using. Think about that for a second.  Is it that

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Sexy Sumo Squats

Sumo Sqaut There are many variations of the squat.  The sumo squat has you standing pigeon toed in order to hit the inner thigh area of your leg.  Add these into the mix as part of your “sexy time” workout lol. PhatBurn trainer Jolin demonstrates proper form and technique

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