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Remember when you were a kid and you would get a shaved ice from the man on the cart or at a pizzeria in the heat of summer? Those were some good times! Your tongue would turn whatever color of the flavor you chose and you gladly took on

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how much coffee is too much

How Many Coffees Can You Drink Per Day?

Hello, it is Paul and it’s been a little while since a Walk with Wintergerst and I’m back with a short one today in relation to coffee.  I get a lot of questions regarding coffee in my nutrition consultations and I have an interesting nutritional tidbit that I think

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how to eat healthy on a budget

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget A challenge many families face is how to eat healthy on a budget. It is not as hard as you might think. With some strategic planning, anyone can eat healthy without breaking the bank.   More Vegetables and Less Meat   By

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I left my wallet in El Segundo. I left my wallet in El Segundo. I left my wallet in El Segundo. I gotta get it – I got – got- ta – get it. Who remembers that classic jam? Like Coronas go with Empanadas, A Tribe Called Quest goes

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Battle Rope Variations

PhatBurn’s head trainer Andrew is here at our White Plains NY studio to demonstrate three variations on the battle rope.  The battle rope is definitely a fun move that a lot of people enjoy doing.  It is one that you can do many different ways.  The first one I demonstrate

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