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This One Activity You do Daily is Destroying Your Diet

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] You’ve worked out hard all week. You’ve watched your diet like a hawk, and didn’t cheat once. You’ve cut back or completely eliminated all alcohol consumption. Then you step on the scale only to be crushed to discover it didn’t budge an ounce. Determined, you redouble you efforts,

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The Vacation Fat Trap

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] I just came back from a weekend in Chicago and I am certainly guilty of letting myself over indulge more than I wanted. Most vacation pounds are gained as a result of constant indulgence. Each meal becomes an opportunity to eat your heart out to the tune

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The Simple Trick to Not Skipping the Gym

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] As I write this it is the end of July. Between all the traveling and work the summer has always been the toughest time of year for me to stay consistent getting to the gym. However, this summer I did do a much better job staying consistent. Whether

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We know you always start your week off right. You make healthy eating choices and hit the gym religiously. The normal routine of your work week provides the structure necessary to stay on track and that feels good. Then the weekend hits and all bets are off. So what do ripped girls do?

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The Weekends Are Making You Fat!

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] I recently sat down to lunch with Don. Don has done PhatBurn in the past and has had fantastic results eating the food coupled with the studio workouts. He has a goal to get down to 220 from about 255 before his birthday this August. Because of his

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How Hard Is It To Eat Perfect?

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] How Hard Is It To Eat Perfect? Very hard… But only in the beginning. In my experience the whole thing has to do with delayed gratification. When you first start eating well and working out you may not see results right away. Doing something and getting no result makes it harder

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