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Day 4 – Back On Track

Moving right along to the end of week 1. In this video: – ingredients to my morning meal replacement shake – PhatBurn’s bicep,ab and shoulder workout – beginner explanation of what a “unit” is – insight on what it takes to hit your fitness goals even with the busiest

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Day 3 Fat Loss Log

Alright it’s day 3 and I forgot my food already. Today you’ll catch me order a few meals out a restaurants. Pay attention that I aim to keep every meal with a protein, carb and a fat. You’ll also see the modifications I use to accommodate the back issues

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fat loss

Oh Snap…a 28 day weight loss diary

I need your comments below, read on to see why… I recently just completed a PhatBurn Takedown Challenge.   Three times per year we host these weight loss challenges which last for 4 weeks and I always like participating in them and experimenting with my body.  If there is

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Reduce Your Waistline Overnight, Literally!

I was reading some of my go-to fitness blogs yesterday and came across this headline.   REDUCE YOUR WAISTLINE OVERNIGHT LITERALLY WITH THIS SO CALLED “FAT LOSS BOMB”   Being in the fitness business I could take this opportunity to go on a whole rant of all the ridiculous

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We’ll keep things simple this week.  We take a healthy item off the menu and make one simple sub to get it “PhatBurn Approved.”   Next time you are dining out include Rye Bar & Grill in your arsenal of restaurants with healthy meals to keep you on track!

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