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How to stop giving up on your diet

How to Stop Giving Up – Day 19

Do you keep starting and stopping? Is motivation a constant issue? Before today begins I give some advice on how to stop giving up. I also use my first cheat meal of the week on a double cheese-burger! (remember I get 2 per week)     This way I

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muscle soreness

Muscle Soreness Day 18

Another day doin my thing.   I didn’t work out so I am going to have to make that up over the weekend.   I also have dinner with my buddy John who has been eating a Ketogenic diet for the past 55 days.   That’s commitment!   Check

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the grind

The Grind – Day 17

It’s the middle of summer and the middle of the program…   The time when the excitement has worn and off and the routine becomes a grind.   This is where most fail.   I speak to this in today’s video.   You also get a glimpse into a

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favorite protein shake

Favorite Protein Shake – Day 16

Alrighty then week 3 just grinding it out here.     This video highlights: – 12th workout (PhatBurn Chest/ Tri/ Ab class) – My go to morning shake – A late night meal 5 balancing act     video length (1:20)

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Day 15 – Halfway Point

Just a normal day in today’s video. Got the workout in and all the meals . My brain was fried as I had a bunch of catch up work to do from last week. I’m loving the questions everyone is messaging and emailing me. Keep em coming 😉 video

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Results are made on Sunday’s – Day 14

This Sunday I was at my cousin’s house for a Euro Cup party.   I am half Portuguese so winning the Euro Cup is a huge deal for my pham!!! Anyway, it’s times like these where you can completely fall off plan. I didn’t do too much snapping because

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