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Results are made on Sunday’s – Day 14

This Sunday I was at my cousin’s house for a Euro Cup party.   I am half Portuguese so winning the Euro Cup is a huge deal for my pham!!! Anyway, it’s times like these where you can completely fall off plan. I didn’t do too much snapping because

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eat more to lose fat

Eat More Lose Fat – Day 13 (Results Day)

Eat more lose fat?   We are two week’s into to this Lifestyle program with two week’s left to go.   If you remember my first weigh in my results actually got a bit worse.   I explained how I was still eating the same 4-4-4-4 unit plan that

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fat loss after cheat day

Day 11 Back on Track after Cheat Day

Alright guys the bad news is my phone got water damage over the weekend and I couldn’t snap. The good new is I am back!!! I behaved much better on the 4th after my initial cheat meal followed by no meals. I had a bunch of PureFit bars with

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Day 7 Cheat Meal

I know how eating can spiral out of control and how one meal off the plan can turn into the whole weekend of debauchery. Knowing this, it still happens to me too.  Having said that one of my favorite quotes is, “there are many setbacks on the way to

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Day 6 – BBQ’s & Babies

As the weekend hits the routine of the week disappears and the real challenges begin. In the first half of Saturday I easily get my workout in and my first 3 meals because I am working. However, I than navigate through a bqq and the temptations that come with

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