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muscle soreness

Muscle Soreness Day 18

Another day doin my thing.   I didn’t work out so I am going to have to make that up over the weekend.   I also have dinner with my buddy John who has been eating a Ketogenic diet for the past 55 days.   That’s commitment!   Check

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the grind

The Grind – Day 17

It’s the middle of summer and the middle of the program…   The time when the excitement has worn and off and the routine becomes a grind.   This is where most fail.   I speak to this in today’s video.   You also get a glimpse into a

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favorite protein shake

Favorite Protein Shake – Day 16

Alrighty then week 3 just grinding it out here.     This video highlights: – 12th workout (PhatBurn Chest/ Tri/ Ab class) – My go to morning shake – A late night meal 5 balancing act     video length (1:20)

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Day 15 – Halfway Point

Just a normal day in today’s video. Got the workout in and all the meals . My brain was fried as I had a bunch of catch up work to do from last week. I’m loving the questions everyone is messaging and emailing me. Keep em coming 😉 video

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Results are made on Sunday’s – Day 14

This Sunday I was at my cousin’s house for a Euro Cup party.   I am half Portuguese so winning the Euro Cup is a huge deal for my pham!!! Anyway, it’s times like these where you can completely fall off plan. I didn’t do too much snapping because

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eat more to lose fat

Eat More Lose Fat – Day 13 (Results Day)

Eat more lose fat?   We are two week’s into to this Lifestyle program with two week’s left to go.   If you remember my first weigh in my results actually got a bit worse.   I explained how I was still eating the same 4-4-4-4 unit plan that

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