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phatburn reviews lillys

Lilly’s Restaurant Review

Lilly’s right in the middle of the madness on Mamaroneck ave is definitely a lot different then the surrounding bar menus.  It has an upscale feel and the food to match.   Their menu is broken down into small and large plates.   Head Chef Tyler Jacobs breaks down

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Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson “Breakthrough Coordinator”

One of the new all-star team members to join the PhatBurn pham is Christopher Jackson.   Chris joins us as an expert in both exercise and nutrition and embodies someone who 100% walks the walk in his own life.   Chris is an ex-professional football player who speaks fluent

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fat loss westchester

Final Results – Day 28

It has been a fun 28 days snapping with you guys.   Hopefully you have seen with a little dedication and some simple tweaks to your every day life, losing body fat is not such a big deal.   t is just doing things right MOST not ALL of

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Day 23-27 Recap

So check this out. Never in my life did I think I would be sending out 25k emails in a month but apparently I was wrong. I didn’t realize that the service I use only allows for 25k emails per month and my emails with all my daily updates

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Willpower – Day 21

I find myself on a Sunday morning, the day known for cheating with no cheat meals…Gulp   With only 1 week left to go what did I do???   I also treat you to a little serenade I sing for my lil nephews 🙂   Good night!   video

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