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Willpower with Wintergerst [Episode 1]

In this episode I explain why I think willpower sets you up for failure. I then teach the three weapons needed to stick to your healthy lifestyle when times get rough. Enjoy… If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it please comment below and let

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The Pause Button is Ruining Your LIFE-style

I love nutrition and fitness articles. I am a junkie for fitness mags, blogs, and cool nutrition facts. John Berardi writes some of my favorite stuff. I agree with his last blog post so much that I am going to summarize the key takeaways in this post. You can

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Some people think it’s converted into energy or heat.  Is it sweat out while you work out?  Does it turn into muscle?   I mean, it’s got to go somewhere right?   According to the calculations done by the British Medical Journal most of it is breathed out of

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cheat meal

Guilt Free Thanksgiving

The cheat meal. It’s either a well deserved reward or a guilt ridden disaster. Without going to geeky on you, here is some simple advice and a tip on keeping your cheat meals and this Thanksgiving guilt free. There are times after a workout when your muscles receive food

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tips trainers

2 Tips Trainers Wish YOU Knew

If you ever eaves-dropped on two trainers in conversation you will most likely hear them talking smack about a lot of the things their students do wrong.  Trainers do get frustrated correcting the same things over and over again only to see it fall on deaf ears. If you

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