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turmeric tips

2 Cool Turmeric Tips

I had back surgery this past January. During the time leading up to my surgery I was taking a ton of Advil throughout the day. Dr. Kobrin who owns the chiropractic office across the street from our PhatBurn White Plains location suggested I start supplementing with turmeric as a

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Burn More Calories Sitting Down

Yes you read it right, burn more calories sitting down!  Get your body working more efficient.  Burn calories longer.  Up your total calorie burn  and stop spinning your wheels doing spin class after spin class.  Listen to this week’s walk with Wintergerst as I explain how to increase your

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What’s in Your TEA?

COFFEE WITH CHRIS PRESENTS – ENERGY SHOTS What’s in your Cup? by -Christopher M. Jackson   Hey Phambam! It’s ya boyee Chris  and I am here to give you a shot of caffeine. I have a Facebook Live series I call Coffee with Chris for our Phatburn members and

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Willpower with Wintergerst [Episode 1]

In this episode I explain why I think willpower sets you up for failure. I then teach the three weapons needed to stick to your healthy lifestyle when times get rough. Enjoy… If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it please comment below and let

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The Pause Button is Ruining Your LIFE-style

I love nutrition and fitness articles. I am a junkie for fitness mags, blogs, and cool nutrition facts. John Berardi writes some of my favorite stuff. I agree with his last blog post so much that I am going to summarize the key takeaways in this post. You can

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