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tracking fat loss

Peek Inside My Mind (if you dare)

Track Fat Loss I am a tracking junkie. I have methods of tracking workouts, eating habits and alcohol.  You name it I have tracked it. (probably) I have a rule I call the 51% rule for fat loss.  You may have heard me talk about it before. If not

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morning person

How to Become a morning Person

I hate getting up in the morning just as much as you do.  Actually, I hate it more, lol. For the past two weeks I have been trying something different and I am not going to lie, I am starting to like it. I have been setting my alarm

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break a bad habit

3 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit

Breaking a bad habit.  Easier said than done. It takes a mindful practice that can be broken down into three simple yet efficient steps. Each step does take work.  Each step takes practice and repetition.  In this video I give you a breakdown of the three steps so you

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