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Carlos Amaya

Episode 16 Crush all your excuses with Carlos Amaya

Excuses are the killer of any good fitness regimen. Learn how Carlos Amaya overcame brain surgery and won. His support system, his mindset and his plan for success. [00:00:00]The biggest excuses most people have when it comes to losing weight and losing fat. [00:01:50] Former PhatBurn member, Carlos Amaya,

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How Super Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are the head of every diet guide right now, but it seems like as soon as you start a superfood diet, suddenly that food becomes the worst thing for your body and there’s a new craze. It can make researching a healthy diet for yourself feel impossible when

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alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol & Memorial Day Weekend

Many of us are about to kick off the long MDW weekend and I wanted to share a quick tip with you. One of the common things I hear from coaching our PB members is the automatic default to use deprivation as the go to tactic.  Especially with drinking

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