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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Joe Pistone joined PhatBurn 5 months ago to support his wife. After his first coaching session he realized things would be a lot easier if you took care of himself first so he can pour into his family. He has 3 kids, a lovely wife Sharon and commutes to

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The Results No One Is Talking About

We just finished another 4 week PhatBurn challenge which comes with a bunch off weigh-outs and body compositions to see how we all did. This got me thinking about what I hear in a lot of my consultations when people come in to Phatburn to start a challenge. “I

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Consume Caffeine In A Healthy Way

How To Consume Caffeine In A Healthy Way

According to the National Consumers League, 85% of Americans consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis. Though caffeine isn’t necessarily bad for you, there are potentially negative effects if you don’t consume it incorrectly. There are some serious physical and psychological consequences from drinking too much caffeine:

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How not to give up with a story by Mary

Perseverance is easier said than done. Here is an 8 week story of a woman that had every reason to give up, but instead trusted in the PB process and ended up finding out the key to her lifelong fitness secret. What’s up, guys? Coming to you with another

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How to Overcome Injury and Stay in the Game

Getting injured is part of the game when you workout. Knowing it is going to happen and keeping yourself in the game is what determines someone who is going to hit a goal no matter what vs. someone who gives up. This is how I stay in the game…

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Carlos Amaya

Episode 16 Crush all your excuses with Carlos Amaya

Excuses are the killer of any good fitness regimen. Learn how Carlos Amaya overcame brain surgery and won. His support system, his mindset and his plan for success. [00:00:00]The biggest excuses most people have when it comes to losing weight and losing fat. [00:01:50] Former PhatBurn member, Carlos Amaya,

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