Beginner’s Way To Learn The Snatch & Clean

Beginner’s Way To Learn The Snatch & Clean

Complex moves like the snatch and clean take some instruction and attention to form.  These exercises are great, but, when done wrong can lead to injury.  A nice way to learn complicated movements is to start with light dumbbells.  Don’t jump right in to the advanced motions using the straight barbell with heavy weight and get it wrong.  Instead, Chris suggest’s using two dumbbells.  Doing so allows greater margin for error especially if they are light.  When your brain and body are primed for the technique then move on to the barbell and start adding weight.

PhatBurn trainer Christian Wood demonstrates his intro routine for the snatch, clean and front squat.

Try Chris’s lunge variations in front of a mirror or with a trainer to ensure your form is correct.

Whether you are new to working out or an expert, having a trainer watching your form from the onset is valuable to your future fitness health.

If you want to come in and try a HIIT or strength workout for free just click the button below.  We have studios in White Plains, NY and Stamford, CT.  When you come in you’ll experience first hand how the expertise of a trainer will accelerate you getting in great shape in a safe and efficient way.

Give it a try.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way.



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