Battle Rope Variations


Battle Rope Variations

PhatBurn’s head trainer Andrew is here at our White Plains NY studio to demonstrate three variations on the battle rope. 

The battle rope is definitely a fun move that a lot of people enjoy doing.  It is one that you can do many different ways.  The first one I demonstrate is a standard up and down lunge with a little multitasking. 

Second,  you can do windmills which is just moving your arms in circles going as fast as you can. 

Third I demonstrate a standard battle rope exercise.   For all three moves you are engaging your full body.  You are not just focusing on moving your arms quick, but also want to keep your core stabilized and keep a lot of the weight in your legs.

Try to keep your body like a rock, meaning as still as you can while performing the waving motion.  This high-intensity exercise will improve your overall full body endurance.

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