3 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit

break a bad habit

3 Steps to Break ANY Bad Habit

Breaking a bad habit.  Easier said than done.

It takes a mindful practice that can be broken down into three simple yet efficient steps.

Each step does take work.  Each step takes practice and repetition.  In this video I give you a breakdown of the three steps so you can start at the beginning and work your way through.

If you think you can get rid of a bad habit just through grit, willpower and strength of character, you’re almost certainly overconfident.



“Getting rid of a bad habit requires a dash of mindfulness and a new habit to fill in the gap.” -Jeremy Dean (author of Making Habits, Breaking Habits)

This week’s Walk with Wintergerst is a part 3 on the habit topic. I have been writing about in my previous two posts.

If you missed those go check them out here:

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It starts with the trigger and routine that lead you down the bad habit path.

bad habit
bad habit


Then I explain how to switch those steps in order to lead to a happier ending.

good habit
good habit


In the video I break down for you:

(2:30)  Triggers

(3:48) How to turn the trigger into awareness

(4:43) Routine

(5:10) Micro habits as pattern interrupts

(6:52) The reward

(8:45) Bonus, how to increase your likelihood of success


Summary: Once you understand the 2 flows that lead to the good and bad habits start with tracking your triggers.  Use that information to find common themes which will create awareness.  With your newfound realization use micro habits to interrupt the old routines. Doing this over and over will ingrain in your head the new activity and the new reward.  Over time you will find yourself the proud and happy  practice of a fresh good habit.  Good luck!  Comment below and let me know if you found this helpful.

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