Alcohol & Memorial Day Weekend

alcohol and weight loss

Alcohol & Memorial Day Weekend

Many of us are about to kick off the long MDW weekend and I wanted to share a quick tip with you.

One of the common things I hear from coaching our PB members is the automatic default to use deprivation as the go to tactic.  Especially with drinking alcohol.

I hear things like:

  • I am not drinking this month
  • I am limiting myself to 2 drinks per day
  • I am done drinking after MDW etc etc etc.

If that works for you then have at it.


I suggest you try this on for size.  Give yourself a non-alcoholic drink goal.  Instead of focusing on a drink limit, focus on the non-alcoholic goal when you go out.  Challenge yourself to drink 5 seltzer with lemon or 5 water or 5 iced green teas.  This will keep your fitness goals at the front of your mind this weekend IF that is something you are prioritizing right now.

AND it will eliminate you saying ughh I am done drinking for ever come Tuesday morning.

Hope that helps.  Have phun this weekend 🙂

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