If you are hired for this job, you’ll need to come to the office to work a 5:30am-9:45am shift Monday through Friday or a 4:30-8pm afternoon shift. The job begins with an hourly rate of $10 per hour with room for growth and promotion based on quarterly performance reviews. We are a company in growth stage and are looking for people to grow with us as we open new locations. The opportunities for those who fit the old will be compensated and promoted accordingly.


  • Answering and returning phone calls from customers and prospects: Having an actual voice instead of a machine is important to me. Every phone call must be answered regardless of where you are on the premises. When you’re not here to answer the phone, many of the calls will go to voicemail. You’ll be responsible for returning those calls the next day.
  • Responding to customer service phone calls and emails: I get quite a few phone calls and emails from clients every day. You will need to respond to each of these with basic information I’ll provide to you. So you need to be comfortable with the phone, using email and be a good typist. Must relay any messages to whoever it pertains to: Myself or the trainers, with time, date and all the information you gathered during the phone call.
  • Greeting Clients: Working at the front desk, you will be greeting, checking in, scheduling, and overall assisting our clients with their needs. You must possess a happy upbeat personality and enjoy being around people not tucked away in an office.
  • Problem Solving: You will be trained in our systems but must possess good technology skills and not be afraid to learn on your own by googling things and picking up the phone and talking to customer service on the software systems you will be trained in.


These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

  • Very good working with and understanding technology. Microsoft word, excel a must.
  • Social Media – be willing to interact and perform functions on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Good Phone Personality/Etiquette & being a people person: Smiling at the front desk is important. It also comes through in your tone of voice on the phone with clients. You will be talking with my customers, who are VERY important to me and prospective customers, who are also important. You must be comfortable conversing on the phone, in person and through e-mail. You must know how to conduct yourself professionally, take clear messages and deliver clear instructions to the prospect or client. I’ll teach you everything you need to say and do, but I can’t teach you manners and professionalism. When speaking with prospective clients, you must feel confident in speaking about our services and about what we do. We sell a lifestyle of being healthy and fit and if you have those same values then it is going to be easy for you to talk about it.
  • Customer service experience: (ie. Bartender, waitress, front desk, reception, secretary, check out person, phone support)
  • Email: A great deal of your work will be via email. All employees have a google email account. We use Google Drive and Asana to share documents and we use Acuity Scheduling to book consultations and add any important dates the staff needs to know about, such as staff meetings. Emails need to be checked periodically and responded to in a timely manner.
  • Thoughtfulness and Organization: I need you to be able to think for yourself and be organized. I am very serious about this one. I do not want a robot, I want someone who learns and grows with me. Thinking outside of the box is a plus. We are open to new ideas and ways as long as it will better the process already intact. You are responsible for thinking on your toes. There is always something that needs to be done, therefore you are expected to always stay busy even if you completed your given tasks or projects. Examples of this are: organizing the storage room, rearranging the front desk area to make it look more appealing or just give it a fresh new look. Creativity is welcomed and appreciated. Every minute of your time at work should be geared towards bettering the company.
  • Cleaning, ordering and restocking: Restocking towels before class, tidying up the bathroom after class times, organizing the storage closet and ordering new supplies.


  • All candidates must live and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • If you love to work out, love to eat healthy and love helping others you are the right fit for this company and position.


If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because they are not mandatory).

  • Graphic design experience is a plus, especially PhotoShop.
  • Sales experience is also a plus especially phone sales.


Here’s what I want from you. NOTE: Failure to follow these instructions will result in your resume going in the circular file. This is your first test, okay? First fill out the form on this page and submit your information. I’m looking to hire the right person ASAP. If this job sounds good to you and you feel strongly about having what it takes to meet our expectations, please apply with a Cover Letter, Resume, a Photo and your References, all of which you can upload through the form. If you apply with only your Resume, you will not be considered for the job. Following clear directions is the first step in proving that you pay attention to detail and are serious.

  • A resume along with a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect person to fill this position. Include full contact information (name, address, phone, email) on this cover letter.
  • Include a Reference page with at least three references with phone numbers and your relationship to the person (i.e. previous employer, college professor, etc).

We will review your resume. If we feel you’re a good prospect, we’ll call or email you to set up a phone interview. The sooner I get your resume, cover letter, references and photo, the better . This will not be a long, drawn out process. I believe in taking action quickly. I look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally. Again, thanks very much for your interest, P.S. This is not a corporate type of structured job. I am an entrepreneurial small business owner. I move quickly to capitalize on opportunities. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. Performance is everything to me. If you perform, you will be rewarded. I want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to the growth of the business. If that’s you, I promise that $10/hour is only the starting point. I recognize and reward performance. With all that said, as I mentioned in the headline on this page, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go a long way in my book. I’m a very positive, upbeat person and appreciate those qualities in others. As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned, and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate! So send me your resume today!