Day: October 2, 2015


Peanut butter has been a food staple for over a century but it isn’t necessarily a dietary option for everyone. Other nut butters have become popular over the years in response to health and allergy concerns like almond, cashew and sunflower butter. Of these options almond butter has become the most popular. So which butter is the best option for …


This One Activity You do Daily is Destroying Your Diet

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] You’ve worked out hard all week. You’ve watched your diet like a hawk, and didn’t cheat once. You’ve cut back or completely eliminated all alcohol consumption. Then you step on the scale only to be crushed to discover it didn’t budge an ounce. Determined, you redouble you efforts, cut back on your caloric intake, …

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The Vacation Fat Trap

[dt_sc_fullwidth_section first] I just came back from a weekend in Chicago and I am certainly guilty of letting myself over indulge more than I wanted. Most vacation pounds are gained as a result of constant indulgence. Each meal becomes an opportunity to eat your heart out to the tune of “I’m on vacation.” I have …

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