2 Tips Trainers Wish YOU Knew

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2 Tips Trainers Wish YOU Knew

If you ever eaves-dropped on two trainers in conversation you will most likely hear them talking smack about a lot of the things their students do wrong.  Trainers do get frustrated correcting the same things over and over again only to see it fall on deaf ears.

If you listened to as many convos as I have you hear some common themes.

So here is some intel from the inside circle and two tips that your trainer wish YOU already knew.


Tip 1 – Don’t Hold Your Breathe

Your muscles need MORE oxygen to function efficiently while exercising.  Most people (that means you) breathe too shallow.  Shallow breathing means your chest rises and falls.  Deep breathing moves your stomach.  So if you are holding your breathe during the strenuous part your limiting of oxygen can cause dizziness and fatigue.


Tip 2 – Focus!!!

Forget everything else (phone,kids,work,music) and leave it all here.  It makes our job more enjoyable when we see you giving it your all.   Building good habits take the same consistency and duration as the bad ones took to create.  Once you begin to view exercise as a luxury rather than a chore it becomes a joy.


So if you want to build a a little extra credit with your trainer, use these tips as a way to their heart.

P.S. make it a priority and stop being late.  This probably ranks #1 on the list of pet peeves that your trainer has.

A happy trainer makes for a happy workout!  Show up on time, give a valiant effort, keep your breathing steady and watch your trainer smile ear to ear 🙂


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